2 thoughts on “290

  1. When I was drivin’ around Orleans last night (and other areas), I heard part of your show, goodonyea! Did you play past one? cuz it seemed that your style of music strayed as far as 1:30 or so.

    anyway, I was in and out of the car until late in the eve, and heard other DJs, I was pleasantly surprised to hear some half decent music! Some modern jazzy stuff on top of that! I’ve been saying for years I dislike radio, I dont’ listen to it. Well.. I just might have found a station worthy of playing when my ipod is dead, my CD’s i’ve heard too much, and i’m on a long stretch of drive. Thanks!

    Sadly this is prolly not as big a compliment as it could have been.. due to the fact tha ottawa has few stations, and they are majorly and royally suck. For music at least.

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