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  1. *Goes into standard lecture of why that does NOT fall into definition of a meme*
    GAH!!!! NOT A FUCKING MEME! GAH! *explodes*

  2. It has no long term evolutionary effect on a given poipulation, it therefore isn’t a meme, unlike your momma…..
    Unlike your momma…..FOREVER!

    And how come I can’t get either you nor Leslie to give me a link for your baked yumminess business so I can pass it along to a friend so she can eat of the yummitasticness?

  3. It has no long term evolutionary effect on a given poipulation

    …or does it?

    Uh, baked goods, yes! Right now, the baked yumminess page is on a website that you need to be a paying member to access. If you wanna ask the friend to email us, we can toss her photos and stuff. :)

  4. bauhaus design
    competitive intelligence
    concepts of beauty
    effective minimalism
    gothic deception
    symbolic logic

  5. It used to be called Corporate Intelligence but that caused people to frown a fair bit.
    Competitive Intelligence is the means of collecting information through open sources. As such, I consider it to be a more ethical way of gathering information when compared to shooting someone in the foot and threatening to kill their goldfish.
    Essentially, if one possesses the skills and means, it allows one to collect and analyze data and if necessary pass it on to others in order to make informed decisions.
    hmm… what else…
    It is taught locally at Ottawa University by Dr. J. Carloff.

    I have a list of books at home that he recommends. At some point I will post the titles.

    Tony sleepy. And Jai can still rant on this.

  6. Bauhaus Design is a school of design from post-WW1 Germany, which originally served to rethink the development of contemporary housing, from architecture to furniture to forks. It’s founder stated:

    Bauhaus tries to find the form of every object in its natural functions and presuppositions by systematically experimenting in theory and practice – in forms, in the technical and economic spheres… a subject is defined according to its being. In order that it – a dish, a chair, a house – could be designed in such a mode that it will function well, you have to study its nature to begin with… When all the modern production means, construction, and material are strictly observed, the result are forms that – differing from the common ones – often feel strange and startling”

    The school was closed in 1933 by the Nazi party.

    Competitive Intelligence is the selection, collection, interpretation and distribution of publicly-held information that has strategic importance to the collector. Think spying and industrial espionage, but more cerebral. Getting what you need from someone over a dinner conversation, instead of by wiretapping.

    Concepts of Beauty – My interest is not in ‘beauty’ itself, (as beauty is just a term we use to refer to what the majority find aesthetically pleasing,) but in what sub-cultures, deviant cultures, and fringe cultures consider to be beautiful.

    Edgeplay – A form of D/S play where the subject matter or activities push the limits of the submissive(s) involved. This can mean extreme physical stress, psychological play that involves fears/hatreds/phobias, risk of permanent physical harm (branding, breathplay), etc.

    Effective Minimalism – In my opinion, minimalism has ceased to be relevant. Originally, minimalism was stark in contrast to the business of everyday life, and art — but with the resurgence of minimalist art in visual arts and music, ‘minimalism’ is mostly empty for the sake of empty. I think it should be empty to provide contrast to the content, and hence, effective.

    Gothic Deception – The process by which people use the gothic lifestyle to pretend they’re someone that they’re not. This can be via philosophy, clothing, heavy makeup, etc. When you take them out of the club, shave their coloured hair and wash off the eyeliner, they should still be the same person.

    Meiosis – Rhetorical understatement. Think anti-hyperbole, covered in a smooth shell of irony.

    Symbolic Logic – Any logical system that abstracts the form of statements away from their content in order to establish abstract criteria of consistency and validity.

    Consider the symbolic logic of serving alcohol: If someone is gonig to drink alcohol, they must be over 19. You need to take their drink orders and follow the following algorithm:

    1: If they’ve ordered a non-alcoholic drink, then you don’t care how old they are.

    1: If they’ve ordered an alcoholic drink, then you have to make sure that they are over 19.

    In other words, every customer must either be not-(drinking alcohol) or (over 19).

    So if we let A = “a customer is drinking alcohol” and B = “that customer is over 19”, then the truth of (A -> B) is identical to the truth of (not-A or B).

    If an agent from the liquor board came by to make sure you weren’t breaking the law, then you must show that all customers were either (not-A) or (B) — that would be necessary and sufficient to show that you were adhering to the law “A -> B”.

  7. d00m = Like BAD, but a thousand times moreso. Usually involves a computer.

    well-written erotica = That most elusive of things. It’s amazing that with all the sex online, there’s so little written about sex and sexuality that’s in any way erotic. It’s all targeted to the lowest common denominator, which in this case appears to be sex-starved men with massive penises who don’t know how to spell. Nerve has some good writing online, and some even better books. In fact, I’m pretty sure the nerve book is the only printed sex-related book I own, with the exception of some D/S literature.

  8. Social Engineering = the art of getting people to do what you want, without letting them know what you want. IE: Calling a bell operator from a payphone at the rideau centre, and convincing them that you’re a linesman up on a pole, and that you need an connection to an open line. Perhaps the most useful skill I’ve ever learned.

  9. I met a fairy when I was three, and again when I was twenty.

    To this day, I still find fairy tales to be some of the most beautiful stories a person can tell.

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