A design I’m working on for my new soon-to-be personal site:

The three links at the bottom are placeholders. There’s going to be three different sections, I think. White, for my journal, Black, for fiction writing, and Grey, for my dream journal. I have no idea how I’m going to title and/or link these sites, or anything, so these links are just kinda… there… until I figure that out.

(It’ll look like ass if your friends list uses a background colour that isn’t white. You can just go right to this LJ post to see it with a white background.)

6 thoughts on “smoke

  1. Thanks! I’m slowly making changes (which are kinda reflected in the gif) — I’m trying to keep it focused on the text.

  2. I would try to make the lines on the ‘page’ slightly more distinct. As for titles for links/sections… haven’t thought of anything to recommend.

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