6 thoughts on “I am so sad…

  1. OMG…

    I only wish I could extend my sorrow to you in ways that were more significant than this impersonnal e-mail.

    Kaiya was indeed an ambassador to her race. She will be missed by myself and others. I’ve never met her and regret not however, I know how it is and I must tell you that Kaiya knows you did your best to help.

    All animals (including humans) look to die alone. My grandmother passed away AFTER my mom got up to go make a coffee. That’s just how it is. It’s well said in Donny Darko… it’s really strange that way…

    Sorry for the tangeant.

    I just want you both to know Kaiya is doing good wherever she is now. She’s hydrated, playing with catnip balls galore and eating her favorite dishes on a daily basis. She even made friends with Frisky, my last little baby.

    She was indeed loved and made a 220 pound man cry at work… which isn’t a pleasant site. ;)

    I can’t even imagine how it would be to see Vlad go… :(

    My best to you both,


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