Music Meme

Step 1: Open your MP3 player.
Step 2: Put all of your music on random.
Step 3: Write down the first fifteen songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing.

1. Frontline Assembly – Schicksal
2. Marilyn Manson – Down in the Park
3. Nine Inch Nails – The Becoming
4. Shiro Hamaguchi + Shinko Ogata – Succession of Witches
5. Lou Reed – Take a Walk on the Wildside
6. DNTEL – The Dream of Evan and Chan
7. Squaremeter – Thus Began Also…
8. Andraculoid – Kontrol.Ingest
9. Beth Orton – Devil Song
10. Swamp Terrorists – Jerks Ever Win (Dub)
11. Coil – Where Are You?
12. Converter – Error
13. Masamichi Amano – Memory
14. Tsuyoshi Sekito – Dead Music
15. Coil – Finite Bees

5 thoughts on “Music Meme

  1. The last time (yesterday) I encountered this meme I suggested that Step 4 ought to involve putting the results behind an lj-cut tag, and was soundly smacked down. My sharing this here is part of a highly scientific survey I’m conducting to determine how entirely unreasonable I’m being 8)

    I mean — dude! You’ve got music! Who knew? (No real surprises among the names I’m familiar with…)

  2. Heh. I didn’t think twenty lines was an unreasonable length to inflict on the friends pages of others, to be honest. BUT, in the interest of lj-friends-niftyness, I’ve shrunk the text.

  3. i suppose that reads a lot more adolescent than intended…bah.

    let’s just say you getting lectured or faulted for what you do with your space here is retarded <— keeping with the adolescent theme here :) it just feels like some awful bastard offshoot of being politically correct, if you see what i mean…it’s not as if you have some kind of agreement with anyone who happens by a public website, even if journal-ish in style.

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