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  1. man me and my friend came up with ‘couch surfing’ now i hear it everywhere. Well maybe others used it too but fuck it was ours for awhile ;p

  2. (don’t mind me; my application to orkut has been having some problems being processed and it’s been making me a bit grumpy.)

  3. :P
    Bus’ dis dawg! I been couch surfin since before I was born dawg!!!
    There ain’t no brand of couch that I haven’t slept on yet. Shit yo!
    Even the couches that have yet to be made; I’m all over that! Cuz I’m a time travellin, fudge eatin (sooo good!), mecha piloting ninja!

  4. Heh. I don’t understand sites like Orkut. What exactly do you do with it?

    …as for referring, you don’t actually need to be referred to make an account, signups are open. This is evidenced by the fact that I know no-one on it. :)

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