Despite my sleeping adventures, I feel it important to note that I was woken up with juice, coffee, and a fantastic three-piece slow-cooked breakfast.

I’m not sure what it is I did to deserve someone like her, but I figured I had better marry her before she figures out that I’m secretly a robot I’m not a very good dancer.

Her dreams of being a ballroom dancing princess will be dashed.

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  1. But are as bad a dancer as the one you told me the legend of? If you are it might distract her from any robot qualities….

  2. ok you 2 know me so well it’s scary.

    me and my sash collection…

    ‘queen pretty!’
    ‘ballroom princess’

    just to mention a few…
    i take them out of the display case to starch and iron them weekly, just before our neighbours come over for lady finger sandwhiches and cribbage!

    …hey gregg, how’s the pink prom dress?

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