1. Aren’t we clever? Aren’t we clever taking this OH SO MANLY tank and then making it girly? And then riding the cannon in a pink bikini? Look at our cleverness!

  2. why it’s art of course!

    just like Wolfsheim is industrial…

    i’m a banana.

    pink is not ‘controversial’
    even in bikini form

  3. Clearly it’s a test of one’s ability to focus. Kinda like those 3D neato paintings that I really want to get.
    What you’re supposed to do, see, is stare at the tank until the people disappear and then you will see where Waldo’s hidden.
    Cunning huh?

  4. I’ve been staring at this thing for about 40 minutes now and all I have achieved is the will to rip my eyeballs out of their socket with a fork! You tricked me you asshole!

  5. Ya I mean like DUH! What kind of a loser goes driving around in a tank and then just LEAVES it there?!! WTF? Forget where you parked buddy? DID YOU LOCK YOUR KEYS IN YOUR TANK AGAIN PRIVATE PYLE??

    Serves them right to get their tank painted retarded colours. And i mean like HELLO! DOES THAT LOOK LIKE A PARKING LOT TO YOU?!

    Sheesh. :P

  6. O.k., the phallic symbolism of the scantily clad girl riding the barrel is way overused, but I have to admit that I still find it kind of sexy. Admittedly, the overall concept of the photo, as you explained it, is stupid….And what’s with the two little kids? This picture DOES deserve to be cruelly mocked, as do the girls that posed for it. I mean, Tank Girl was cool. She had an excuse to ride around in a tank, though. She lived in that post-apocolyptic desert and all. (*nods vaguely*)

  7. And THAT!!, my ignorant gaijin friend, is why you will never be a true blacker than black Ninjing Ninja that listens to Ninjustrial while bombing at midnight!!!!!!
    Man, you so fell for the oldest trick in the temple scroll…



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