16 thoughts on “xyzzy

  1. so… much… m:tg….

    Maze of Ith was always good to have around. My best deck, though, was Microsoft Blue.

    No matter what you were trying to do, you couldn’t do it. And then you’d lock up and be unable to do anything for the rest of the game.

  2. You, sir, are disgusting.

    Do you mind if I kidnap Leslie tomorrow, and then you can have your breakfast with her Sunday morning, or are you busy?

    I like to coordinate my kidnapping.

  3. Go south, south, south, south, west, spin three times, scream blue murder, click your heels together and kill the creator of said game with a dulled down icepick.

    Or better yet, wait until this weekend, when you’ll receive an offer for a NEW IMPROVED maze in your email, from me to you.

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