10 thoughts on “246

  1. Oh my, that looks identical to my cat Robert.

    Identical….but he was hit by a car 5 months ago.

    Damm, that’s errie to look at.

  2. Take heart in the fact that Kaya is a fighter. I remember the first time I brought her home she had a crazy fever that stayed for days, but she was in good spirits the whole time and made it without a hitch. I have no doubt she’ll give it her all. :)

  3. i love you guys and i really hope she’ll pull through… as i said to leslie, in a post, that i felt so sad when you guys had to leave her there today…

    give me a call tomorrow and keep me posted… and if worst comes to worst i might be able to drive… *hugZ*

  4. Aaawww. It’s so hard when you can’t tell them that it’s okay, you’ll come back and they’ll be fine. We’re going through the same thing lately with one of ours. Best wishes to kitty!

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