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Hero – One of the most beautiful films I have ever had the pleasure to watch. The finest work from China’s Fifth Generation of filmmakers.

F44-876 – New York, Illinois – Is it metal? Is it punk? Is it post-rock? It’s a mystery. A beautiful, noise-filled mystery.

Imminent – The most technically and emotionally accomplished live electronic performance I’ve ever seen.

Coil – Except for this one. I wept.

Blacksmoke – The KLF is back, and they’re very, very pissed off. Also: They have guitars, and swear a lot. Come back, Bill Drummond. All is forgiven.

Kill Bill Volume 1 – How do you have such good taste, Mr. Tarantino? I think you’re a robot. From space.

Dark Carnival – Thank you, everyone, for making it what it was.

Tick Tock, Sean, Chris Tenn – Thank you for your words, your time, and your fraternity. I treasure the time we spent together, as brief as it may be.

Jösh, Vanessa, Suzanne, Rachel, Christo, Charles, Adam, and Adam. – Thank you for your friendship and love. You are my family, truly.

Leslie – Always you, now and forever. I have nothing, without you by my side. You have taught me more of beauty, truth, and love than I had dreamed possible in this world. I will never have enough words for what you’ve given me.


The Matrix 2/3 – Why? I mean, didn’t you two bother thinking about why the first one was so kickass before you wrote two more?

The Lord of the Rings, The Cat in the Hat, and countless others – You have exploited and destroyed my childhood mythos. All the hells of a thousand prophets do not contain the torment you deserve.

The loss of so many people I had called friend, for reasons I don’t expect to fully understand.

The loss of St. Jude, Anita Borg, Johnny Cash, Nina Simone, and Fred Rogers.

The loss of my faith in this culture; I fear that ‘freedom’ will forever be a dirty word to me.

The loss of my mobility, financial stability, physical ability, and confidence, in return for recurrent agony, insomnia, and delerium. I cannot express the feelings of crippling horror and helpnessness that accompany being unwillingly dependant on others.

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  1. It saddens me that I almost chose not to thank select people by name, fearing everyone else feeling hurt and/or jealous for lack of inclusion.

    I am very, very tired of the atmosphere of fear that surrounds relationship building.

  2. i know for sure i’m not the only one who cried when mr. rogers died.

    don’t forget under the good heading – august blackout. while it wasn’t good for everyone, it was a good reminder of how utterly fragile our power system (and the general infrastructure) is. it also let city people see the stars for the first time in years.

    hope you have a very very good new year!

  3. I can’t say anything here that isn’t cliche. Therefore you know the words already. More importantly you know the feeling behind them.

  4. LOTR movies… i felt they actually did justice to the books.

    but i agree on the others

    i should do a general wrap-up ov the year, but i think it’d make me cry more than i need to.

    so i shan’t =]

    btw… seeing as i shall be w/ a car… if you guys fancy going anywhere this evening just say… maybe we can figure out something fun to do for the NY Eve crap.

    *hugz* *love* =]

  5. i believe it will get released in just enough time NOT to qualify to compete for any domestic award for film, only as a foreign film….because hollywood can’t bear to have tom cruise compete against any real asian film…Disney did that to Spirited Away; held on to the release until it would not qualify for any domestic awards, and could only compete as a foreign film, because they couldn’t let something non-american win domestic animation awards.

    no, seriously.

    they’re all bastards.
    and they smell of elderberries.

  6. I hate Disney as much as you do, but didn’t Spirited Away win Best Animated Feature at the Oscars?
    And Hero did get nominated last year for Best Foreign Film too…..weird.

    ah, let’s just say they’re bastards anyway and call it good. ;)

  7. IIRC, Best Animated Feature was the only category it was eligble for, due to the submission times and such. It couldn’t enter for sound, script and all the others.

  8. that’s my point, Hero will qualify as only a foreign film, not for any of the other categories…like Spirited Away; it was too late to qualify for anything save 1 award…hence ensuring only [north?] american films qualify.

    anyhow, just thought you’d find it interesting is all….

    and yes, bastards.

    OMG have you seen the preview for Ghost in the Shell II i’ve posted about? see [info]dorkottawa if interested…also, i’ll be posting a link for the sequel to Pitch Black…OMG OMG OMG looks SO good.

  9. i’ve been following the Ghost in the Shell II stuff (*drool*) but have yet to see Pitch Black info….very interested tho. :)

  10. i’m going to pull screenshots from it and post to [info]dorkottawa soon, like i did with GiSII, but in the meantime make sure quicktime is installed and watch it from here…let me know what you think.

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