I am surrounded by about five to seven thousand dollars worth of water-damaged vinyl.

This, of course, is a pretty conservative estimate, seeing as there’s no real way to place a dollar value on some items, as they’re too rare to have a common market value.

(Edit: I updated the price estimate, as I realized I had failed to convert from USD to CDN.)


  1. No. Leslie left some of her vinyl at a club that offered to hold onto it for storage/safekeeping, and a box of it came back wrecked.

  2. That sucks, i hope it is not that bad. If she has any at Zaphods it is getting a little beaten up from being moved around in the storage room.

  3. Wasn’t Zaphods. I’m gonna talk to the club tomorrow, and see what happens. Leslie’s too broken up over it to deal with them, really. A lot of this music is stuff that she’s had since before Zaphods.

  4. I would be pissed as well, I have some rare Kiss stuff that never comes up for sale so I know what it would be like to loose some of it.

  5. you should see if the club has insurance that might cover it.
    there’s a very good possibility that it might be covered under a liability clause.
    also, the first 11″ record was a christmas song collection released in 1973, i THINK by warner, but i could be wrong on that one.
    anyhoo, if it’s a clup that she dj’s at, she might be covered as an employee, as well.
    good luck to the both ov you!

  6. I’ve been collecting vinyl since I was 8. I’ve expeirenced great losses in records in that time to be sure, and I’m very sorry for what I know you and Leslie are feeling. There is a method you might try to un-warp some records. I had to do this with a Huddy Leddybetter record I bought at auction (it had the first known version of Mid-night Special, circa 1948). It was actual wax so it was a little easier, but it has worked for vinyl also, though I’ve gotton mixed results, and be warned, you may lose some fidelity. Take the warped disc and find two large, but not heavy, firm peices of material. I used two peices of 1/2inch plywood cut square a little bigger than a foot. Wrap them in something plush, like velvet ( I used fake crushed velvet left over from a halloween costume I had made. Uh….I’m not gay). Sandwhich the disfigured disc between the two and and put a c-clamp at each corner. Tighten them down till they just barely hold the record in place. Put the whole thing some place kinda warm, like next to a radiator or next to stove while you boil water. Slowly, and mean SLOWLY, like over a couple hours, give the c-clamps half a turn every so often. The idea is to soften the disc enough to be pliable, but if you turn the screws slowly enough it will press on the raises and not the grooves, that’s why you want the velvet. Hope this helps.

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