5 thoughts on “stop stop stop

  1. this is really not my place to post
    I know this
    As it’s none of my business

    sometimes dreaming, as atrocious and painful as it may be, can bring more answers than anything else

    and usually those answers are answers only you can see, find, and make the best with them

  2. this is the 3rd or 4th night in a row now of really bad ones….? how can i keep the night terrors at bay? i try, so hard, but all i can do is try to wake you when they get too bad…there must be something, anything…

    kisses are poor defense, it would seem…but they’re all i’ve got.

  3. Kisses and caring are the best defence Bunny! I’m sure that he appreciates both as they allow him to sleep and dream as much as he can.


  4. may lord morpheus be merciful to you,
    and sweeter dreams swallow you soon
    (instead of spitting you out, or
    something equally unseemly)

    I dreamt last night that I was shacking up w/ Catherine Isabelle (sp?) aka Ginger,
    in vancouver. It was odd; we had a very complicated and sort of troubled relationship. There were in the morning holding coffee tousled hair intimacy scenes, etc.

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