3 thoughts on “Apocalypse in the 416

  1. We saw that last night at 4 am when we were coming back from Fran’s and driving down Bay st.
    It looked really awesome in real life.
    The streets were lit up really strangely, and there was fog everywhere…. and those cameras on cranes too, very neat.

  2. Dude!
    I say we rush down there right now and demand a role in the movie!!! Who cares if they have all their actors for it and everything is planned out. We are Jai and Tony; to have a movie without us in it about modified life forms and guns would be inferior!
    Come on man! We can do it!!! We just walk up and say “Hey! We are Jairus and Tony. Give us a part because we have insights on the effin game that this production came from that would just add to the experience. Look. We larped. We don’t need scripts. Throw us in with guns, eerie music cigarettes (for Jai) and coffee (for me). Do it or we will sick the merciless Canadian winter upon you!!”

    And they’ll do it because they fear our mysterious ethnic powerz!

    … maybe I should stop drinking so much coffee in the morningafternooneveningnight Jai…


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