5 thoughts on “193

  1. Jairus is see this and I just wonder about you.

    I love you but sometimes you piss me off. This is probably going to come out wrong, but it needs to be said. You deserve no less…

    When I look at this I just see wasted potential.
    Perhaps it is my inability to look past our world of commerce, but I feel you just have such a beatiful brain.
    You have this increadable talent and you for some reason cant seem to get it off the ground. Perhaps your talent will never be recognised, maybe you truly are just unlucky…

    But you can do so much. It bugs me to no end that you are in the situation that you are. It is like you have fallen in a hole, and no matter how hard you try you cant seem to get out of the hole. But the solution out is there, you just cant seem to grasp it, or you are affraid to. I dunno. I just think you can do so much more.

    This picture blew me away. Bravo

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