Once More With Feeling : Roommate Needed ASAP!

This is a two-story house a 3-min walk away from Billings Bridge, which has 97 service until after 2AM. The 1 and 111 routes are a block away, and the 5 literally stops on the front door.

There’s a convenience store right across the street, and within a 2-minute walk there’s a Blockbuster, Market Fresh, and everything else you need in a mini mall.

The house itself was renovated last year, and is two stories, with the upstairs having a separate entrance. Downstairs there is myself, Leslie, and Suzanne, and living upstairs there’s a geek (Charles) with scads of old computers and DVDs, and another geek (Jason) with spindles of PS/DC games and a Juno-106. The third roommate upstairs is leaving, and the room will be vacant as of October 1st.

We have the full digital cable package, rogers high speed internet PLUS 3-meg uncapped DSL, and about 150GB of shared apps/movies/games/mp3s on our PC network. There is also a gas fireplace, and the house is not physically attached to any others, if you’re concerned about noise.

The location used to be a cafe, so there’s a massive wooden cafe-style deck on the front porch, with a barbeque. We have a HUGE lot/backyard. Before it was fenced in, there’d be a half-dozen schoolbuses and mack trucks parked there every night.

This is a liberal and GLB-friendly environment, and we are looking for an intelligent, financially stable roommate who wants more than another place to crash or a place for his friends to party all the time.

Rent is 450 a month, including phone/cable/both internet connections/heat/hydro/etc. First and last is not required. Interested parties can reach me at jairus-at-restraint-dot-org, or by replying to this post. (Apologies for any crossposting)

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