Das Lied der Texans

A Texas high school apologized today after flying the Nazi flag and playing Deutschland Uber Alles at a half-time show on Friday (the start of the Jewish New Year holiday of Rosh Hashana).

Band Director Charles Grissom says of the event, “The kids and myself, we caused a reaction, and we certainly didn’t mean to. We’ll use it as a learning situation.”

Also: Last night a mix tape saved my life – Celebrating 40 years of the cassette / Japan’s Earth Simulator gets its very first hurricane / Russia bans posters of the US dollar getting fucked.

5 thoughts on “Das Lied der Texans

  1. achtung, texas. Sort of like setting off a bomb in your best friends sleeping bed and subsequently saying to reporters “Um, I didn’t know it would go off.”

    It was a bomb, you bumpkinesque desert dipshit. Bomb, boom – pretty simple relationship, really. Sticking a fascist finger up, getting a reaction. Once again,.

  2. One of my biggest complaints about this world is that people don’t think things through. An error in judgement indeed. You’d think that someone would have recognized that the flag thing might be a really bad idea before it came to this. I guess not. Yeesh.

  3. it’s history
    it happened
    it wasn’t good
    it wasn’t right
    they obviously weren’t demonstrating that opinion during their “Visions of World War Two”

    But then again, maybe history should have less opinions and more facts in it.

    History is written by the winners.

    Three more articles to read….

  4. “yes, maybe, this is a love scene”

    I’d say it’s the amercian dollar getting fucked by the euro.

    but I don’t know if that represents reality or not.

    a love scene… I doubt… they would’ve been posed differently.

  5. Nostalgically, I miss cassettes.

    I used to get bootleg concerts on cassette.
    I used to make mixed tapes on cassette.
    I used to get awesome mixed tapes from my buddy Karl Mohr.

    CD is different.

    I only listen to CDs and MP3s on random.

    God makes my mixed tapes now.

    and they aren’t as good.

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