NO offense

Open Letter To The Roommates Upstairs:

One of you good folk has failed to keep your system updated and patched. As a result, during the format of my desktop/server today, my computer was attacked and compromised by a DCOM exploit worm on the local network mere seconds after it booted for the first time. I know that the worm did not originate from Leslie or Suzanne’s PCs, because I personally patched them against this exploit long before a single worm was written for it.

This has caused me to lose no small amount of non-recoverable data, including all user and configuration info for the and web and email services. I expect the recreation of this data to take no less than several days of work. In the interim, web, mail, ftp and other services will be non-functional and/or severely degraded.

If you could find the time over the next day or so to prevent your systems from taking further hostile actions against mine, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration, fuckers.

12 thoughts on “NO offense

  1. uh oh. That is crap. What is this dcom thing? heh i work for an ISP and i’ve not heard about it.

    …and the whole house reeks of dog. ugh.

  2. Letter writing is so… I dunno… Canadian.

    Here at one of the MSN call centers, we’re taught the American way of handling JUST such a scenario:

    1/ Pick up axe handle*
    2/ Go upstairs
    3/ Completely thrash room mates computer

    It’s a three-result system
    ~ you feel better
    ~ no more potential infection threat from room mate’s pc
    ~ fuck the letter writing! it rarely works anyhow *heh*

    Just go glare at them, man…
    *in the US it would be a gun, but we’re happy Canadians so we get to use an axe handle. In my own humble opinion, MUCH more therapeutic.

  3. Format = No firewall until I install one.

    The worm hit my system about 5 seconds after WinXP booted for the first time. No chance to install the firewall, or hit Windows Update.

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