I’m at my mothers, taking a break away from the relentless video game battle that has consumed my brothers and I for the last few hours.

I am surrounded by boxes. Boxen. My mother’s moving tomorrow, and it could be a very, very long time before I see her again. Charlie, my little brother, is going with her.

Adam’s already left. Christo was the first to go, and Paul isn’t staying. Venk’s still here, but we don’t talk, really. We haven’t since I’ve moved back. I don’t think this is likely to change.

My potential ‘best men’ are all in absentia, as it were, and now most of my immediate family is about to leave as well.

Soon, there won’t be anything outside my house for me at all, in this town.

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  1. Sounds so sad, so lonely, but soon you too will be gone. The ship is sinking I think. But there will always be best men when you ask… nothing is going to change that

    I love you beautiful.

  2. i know the feeling… i live w/ my folks and swear i’ll be here another 5yrs… and even tho i have it fairly “good” here [minus alot ov shit that’s going on i’d rather not discuss] i still feel like there’s nothing left for me in Ottawa…

    being in Kanata makes it feel like such a hard thing to do when it comes to going outside ov the Kanata and Nepean boundaries… downtown/market seems so far away and i always feel bored when there… it’s not like how it was over 10yrs ago… it’s lost its charm…

  3. I know what you mean, having lived in Owen Sound and seeing people go to Guelph, Kitchener and even Ottawa, and then I left, I stay in communication with some of them, others I have no idea how to get in contact with at all, and even the people I know from there who are here I rarely communicate with.

    I have always thought of you as family tho Jai, and I hope things get better for ya.

    Call me sometime okay? 776-5512

    *big bear hugs*

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