Inappropriate grokking of young teens

Texan parents are looking to remove “Brave New World” and “Stranger in a Strange Land” from the curriculum.

We feel this is inappropriate for the ages of the students at (the) Science Academy or at any South Texas ISD High School,” parent Julie Wilde said of Brave New World, adding that the books may lead to “inappropriate sexual arousal of young teens.”

(Update: The South Texas ISD board voted unanimously to keep both books.)

18 thoughts on “Inappropriate grokking of young teens

  1. Yeah, I can just see thousands of texan teenagers jerking off to “Brave New World”. Yeah right.

    That’s what I like about Canada. I wrote my independent study for French class on the works of le Marquis de Sade (another one for English on Anais Nin) and no one batted an eyelash.

    These parents should really examine their own “inappropriate sexual arousal” issues…


    Actually, though, I shouldn’t be surprised. She’s right. Futuristic dystopia is so sexy right now. I’m gonna have to touch myself just thinking about it…

  3. I say good for them teens that are getting aroused from reading this material — it should be their reward and privelege from actually reading BOOKS.

    wtf is next.

    let’s just ban the written word! text is SOOOoOo arousing..

    fonts are my fetish you know! :9

  4. i remember being surprised 10 years ago (oh man, 10???) at the fuss that happened when my oac english class was going to study the diviners. one day, either students, or “concerned adults” put flyers on all the windshields in the parking lot – all about how evil the diviners was, how the language and sex would badly influence our young minds…
    our english teacher had to make a comment at the beginning of the term saying that we would be studying this book, and that if anyone had a problem, that something could be arranged for them to study another book at that time, or they could switch classes. i think only one person switched classes, and he was pretty well known as one of the pushiest and most obnoxious christians in the school. his loss.

  5. I got “Stranger in a Strange Land” from an american student in a little college somewhere…



    Seriously, though… it’s a shame that this isin’t a fake ban. If it was a fake ban, it would rule because then it would make the kids want to read the books before they were banned, thereby improving literacy…

  6. yeah… i’ll just go away…

    and it was all sarcasm jerky… like I can talk, I’m from Virginia, that still has issues with teaching evolution in certain districts, so lighten up.

  7. Parent Julie Wilde added that she thinks her son, Billy-Dick was a victim of brave new world’s sinful literature! In an interview with the 16 year old, he stated:

    “I just turned the first page and it was like Satan in my hand, it was dirty and inappropriate! AND after a while, my penis did things it never did before!”

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