Reaction time is a factor in this, so please pay attention.

Researchers who ‘proved’ that Ecstasy equals Parkinson’s gave monkeys the wrong drug. (Prediction: This announcement will have zero effect on drug policy/propaganda, and substandard research will continue to serve the status quo. It’s a pretty wacky theory, I know….)

Voight-Kampff Test administered to San Francisco mayoral candidates.

Direct-to-DVD Family Guy might happen soon.

White Wolf sues the shit out of Sony for making a crappy movie in the World of Darkness without permission.

Trifid M20 and IC 443.

12 thoughts on “Reaction time is a factor in this, so please pay attention.

  1. Wow, hollywood just stealing ideas, how not new. Just like they stole from Nadia, City on Fire, hell, most of Kurosawa’s films and I could go on, but the water is boiling and I must make tea.
    Oh yeah, I was just about to send that E article to you.

  2. from what i recall.. Kurosawa did write letters [say, in regards to Seven Samurai = Magnificent Seven] to give the old “thumbs up” in relation to it. So i dunno…

    it just seems that everything mimics everything else… even more so lately…

    maybe i just don’t care as much as most people then…

    ok let’s all go see Underworld! ;P

  3. Well, Magnificent Seven admitted to being a remake, and admittedly a damn good remake. I was thinking more star wars = Sanjuro and The Hidden Fortress. It’s not so much the rip offs, it’s the remakes as well. The rest of the world seems to be innovating and hollywood remakes or rips off. Blah, it’s a subject that’s gotten to me lately. Movies, music and so many other forms of art are stagnant here. If I go see a local band play, it’ll be recycled whatever, the innovation seems to happen anywhere but here.
    Bah, I think it’s time I moved to Thailand and started my Poppy farm. Then I won’t care. In the mean time I do care, but I’m not sure why. I blame toast.

  4. Whoever gave those subjects the VK is pure amateur hour. Where the hell did they get that guy and what’s happened to the training since I was a bladerunner? What? You had Holden train him, didn’t you? Jai; this is unacceptable. You’re going to tap me on this, aren’t you? I reviewed the tapes Jai. It looks like they are all Nexus 6 series replicants with no termination date…

    man I’m bored.


  5. i understand where you are coming from…
    i guess i haven’t been caring too much lately tho… or maybe i do… i think it depends on how i’m feeling at that point in time.

    almost everything feels/seems regurgitated these days.

    music, movies, literature, fashion, etc…

    perhaps i’m growing numb to it all

    or maybe i just don’t have the energy to care anymore.

  6. It could be Hitomi Kokujin. In fact if you go by the MRP ruling, it must be the Hitomi Kokujin.
    But yes, it is nice, isn’t it?


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