gang stories part one

Sometimes I think that I must be miserable in order to be happy — or that this once was true, and the remaining vestigial parts of who I once was seek to sabotage the now, if not by action then by emotion.

How do you war against your shadow?

I’ve never known if insomnia is the condition, or the symptom.

Noted for future reference: There have been helicopters and fighter jets in my area, these past weeks. Driving back from Toronto a month ago, I saw an unmarked bomber refueled in midair, both planes grey. Two weeks later, I saw them there again.

I can hear them now, circling overhead.

5 thoughts on “gang stories part one

  1. Friends of mine who are now working for various canadian and international intel companies say that there’s been rumours of a distributed attack.
    Given the last bit of hard evidence they’ve had (dude nailed in TO with pictures and stuff of the Pickering power plant), they are now beefing up their CFB’s in case they get advance warning.

  2. so I wasn’t crazy
    I was hearing military planes, choppers, and saw them circling around many nights…..

    good to know my recurring ww2 insanity is not me being psychotic

  3. i get a number of helicopters going by my apartment, but mostly they’re the hospital choppers – i face the ottawa general.

    since 9-11, at the remembrance day ceremonies, they actually announce prior to the start of the ceremony that there will be a fly-past of military aircraft and the firing of big guns. it really surprised me when they did that, but maybe i’m just too used to the ceremonies.

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