Leslie and I are going down to Toronto to host the side room at r351570r this weekend, and we could desperately use a second car to transport deco and people. If you’d like to come down for the event, and you have a car, we’ll cover your gas and entry and such.

The event is Saturday night, so we’d be going down Sat day and coming back sometime Sunday. We can arrange somewhere to sleep, if you’re into that whole sleep thing.

Also, we have cookies.

11 thoughts on “178

  1. Yeah, it would have to be after fiddy(50 cent) got it back to me. We are supposed to go hit da club and jakk some mad ass ho’s with our chedda.

    yeah so anytime after 8.

  2. hey playa, you can find me in da club!

    heh heh heh delicious

    Shit dawg, some cracka ass shit going on here. Damn playa you be all shizzle nizzle with you frizzle my brizzle.

    Man I am so gangsta it hurts.

  3. Wrizzle brizzle but you can kizzle wizzle without the gizzle my nizzle! fizzle cizzle will be pizzle at mizzle without his gizzle!

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