6 thoughts on “Mission Day, 58 years later.

  1. now I got that OMD song stuck in my head. The Urgh A Music War live version.

    Not sure how I feel about it being flight capable. Kinda weird…

  2. It was restored for the Smithsonian, but yeah, I was unclear. They as in the US. My problem is not in preserving it, it’s in restoring it to it’s “Glory” first when it’s an icon that should be abhorred.
    Then again I was skimming an interview with one of the crew of that plane, and he was proud, even thought he was doing “Gods work”.
    That interview was in either the Register or the Guardian, I can’t remember now.
    Gah, I’m crusty this morning.

  3. they haven’t done a continuity test on it, but it looks like they did a pretty thorough job. i’m pretty certain there was substantial japanese involvement in its restoration as well.

    i do find it odd that everyone working on it seems unconcerned with its place in history—responding to a question about how the exhibit will deal with its notoriety, one spokesman said they were preferring to look at it more ‘contexturally’ or somesuch and just focus on other things.. seems to me that by ignoring that crucial aspect of its past they’re taking it out of context…

    the actual mechanism for bomb-dropping was sold at an auction.. so were quite a few other parts i believe.. that’s.. interesting.

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