Pooter Madness

Looking to trade away some computer parts.

What I have:

– Pentium III 800mhz Slot 1 CPU
– ABIT BX6 Slot 1 Motherboard (Built for overclocking)
– Module # CT32M64S4D75, which is 256MB of Crucial Registered PC133 SDRAM

What I’m looking for:
-Crucial PC2100 DDR
-7200RPM HD
-350W+ Power Supply

Everything works great, but I just upgraded to an AMD system. I’m willing to trade as a package, or separately. Feel free to offer me some combination of the items above, or cash, or other items of interest.

7 thoughts on “Pooter Madness

  1. whatcha lookin for in a monitor?

    Also : if you didn’t notice, I couldn’t make it out there this eve.. I’ll drop them in your mailbox on my way to work in the morning.

  2. I’m interested, but don’t have much in the way of anything valuable to trade, except for an older monitor. And a 486 whose batteries are dead. :)

    email me about it?

  3. I have an older monitor that works. It probably doesn’t do great resolution…

    it’s an IBM 6325, part number 39G6217, manufactured in Apr 1995

    This page appears to have specs for it.

    Didja find the CDs in your (their?) mailbox?

  4. by the way, my dad has a *huge* monitor (21 inch I think) kicking around… he can’t find drivers for it so he’s not using it… I can ask him if he wants to that that or other things he might have.

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