Inventory: Living Room

Computer 1: (Phucky)

AMD Athlon XP 1900+ w/512MB DRAM
A7V266-E Motherboard w/integrated audio, 250W PS
Asus V8170 MX GeForce4 DDR w/TV-out
80GB Western Digital w/8mb cache (system/mp3s)
20GB Maxtor in removable tray (movies)
HP CD-Writer 9500
10Mbit NIC (3Mbit DSL)
10/100Mbit NIC (Network)
SB Audigy Platinum (inactive, need bigger PS)
ZIP Drive (inactive, need bigger PS)
Floppy Drive (inactive, need bigger PS)
Wacom Tablet (mostly inactive, need bigger PS)

This is my PC, and acts as a firewall/NAT, and serves www/ftp/pop3/smtp/imap/etc to the rest of the network and the outside world. I blew my last PS, and I need a new one in order to connect the rest of my peripherals. Lack of peripherals makes me sad.

Computer 2: (GlipGlop)

Intel Pentium III/800 w/512MB SDRAM
GeForce2 MX
10Mbit NIC (Rogers@Home)
10/100Mbit NIC (Network)
Quantum Fireball 10GB (system)
Fujitsu 6GB (misc)
SB Live! Value

This is dirtybunnyLeslie’s PC, and acts as a firewall/NAT, handling backup services for if/when Phucky goes offline.

Computer 3: (Oogah)

AMD Duron 1Ghz
K7S5A Motherboard w/integrated audio, 250W PS
GeForce2 MX / ATI Rage AGP

This is my mother’s PC, and will not boot due to a stubborn 0x0000008e STOP error during XP/ME/2K/NT/98/95 setup. I have just about given up on this machine, I’ve swapped out every part (except the MB/CPU), and it simply fails to work. This is pretty interesting, because the MB/CPU works fine in another system.

Computer 4: (Iszotrash)

AMD Athlon 1800+
GA-7VRX Motherboard
This is error853Yann’s old dead PC. It seems to have some hardware damage, I’m hoping to salvage something from it.

Computers 5 through 8: (???)

Unknown Slot A CPU (K6?)
MVW-VM(?) Motherboard

Unknown PII CPU
P2B(?) Motherboard
3 sticks of SDRAM

Unknown CPU
Unknown Motherboard with Daughterboard (!!)
3 sticks of (72 pin?) RAM

Unknown CPU
Unknown Motherboard
Unknown RAM

These are the infamous mystery floor computers. They are on my floor. I don’t know how they got there.

Random Parts
3 IDE Hard Drives
1 ISA Sound Card
4 NICs
1 Modem
1 BJC-4300 Printer (no parallel cable)
1 Flatbed Scanner (no parallel cable)
1 Glass half-full of PC screws

These parts are the wreckage that inevitably follows when you have mystery floor computers.

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  1. looks better on screen than spread out all over the computer room…

    and if i find one more computer screw imbedded in my foot, only d00m!

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