The Last Resort

A terrifying read about Jamaica’s Tranquility Bay – a 60K a year ‘behaviour-modification centre’ for the children of the US/UK elite.

‘You have to understand,’ a former student, who turned 18 and walked out, tries to explain. ‘The staff are constantly trying to work out what you are thinking about and constantly telling you what to think about, and then constantly checking to see if you are thinking about it. And if you’re not, and they know you’re not, you might as well be dead.’

A parent’s perspective:

‘Sure, he complained like hell at first,’ he recalls fondly. ‘Typical case of manipulation, just like they said in the handbook. He said the staff were mean and violent, they beat you, the food is terrible.’ He chuckles, pleased by the neat symmetry of the handbook and letters.

(This centre would be highly illegal on UK grounds, which is why it is located in Jamaica. Via Robot Wisdom.)

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