The super-duper magical Negro

Racial profiling in hollywood:

“Historically, if a black person is thrust into a white universe, it is inevitable that the white people will become a better person,” says Thomas Cripps, author of “Making Movies Black: The Hollywood Message Movie from World War II to the Civil Rights Era” and other books on African American cinema. “Sidney Poitier spent his whole career in this position. Sidney actually carried the cross for Jesus in ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told.’ “

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  1. it will be “interesting” to note the (growing) shift in emphasis [of racial profiling, political speeches and laws geared toward garnering targeted constituent support] from black to hispanic as the (latin american) population is now the largest minority group in america.

    already we have lulac/naacp joint speeches…

    fascinating, the way the world works. is it possible to be both colour blind and cognizant of enriching ethno-cultural differences?

  2. I don’t think it IS possible to have both. These days, if you’re white, you had better be colour blind, or there’s hell to pay. Also, if you’re white, you can’t be proud of your heritage, or you are quickly labeled a biggot. (This I find both hypocritical and childish)
    As a person whose heritage is mainly Anglo-Saxon, (There is some Miq’Maaq’ Indian, but not enough so you can tell) I encounter people who are shocked that I feel NO ONE deserves special treatment based simply on your heritage. I support the celebration of who you are, and your roots, but I don’t think that just because your Great Great Great Grandfather came here from another country, whether it be by choice or against their will, you are entitled to more or less than anyone else. Regardless of skin colour or ethnic background, we are all people, and the only way we can advance as a society is to quit pointing out our surface differences and using those differences to get ahead. Why not look at what someone is capable of? Why not give help where it’s actually NEEDED, instead of where “Special Interest Groups” tell us to send it?

  3. i agree…i’m pretty “for” the breaking down of dogmatic traditions and fairly iconoclastic all around- until we can view culture as just what it is, a collection of symbols, and also put history in its proper place rather than using it as justification to allegedly counter other bias and the like, then.. bleh..

    i view change as requiring the visualization and maintenance of something (optimism, in my definition) rather than killing perspective of potential by simply examining how things are and being reactionary. i strive to discard current paradigms whenever possible, ignoring established mores/taboos/standards etc and simply do what you (anonymous?) said, and look at what things are capable of as well as where it’s needed, rather than what socialization has ordained. damn, what was i saying?

    uh yes. current issues, that quota system for race in (a) certain college(s). that whole system is fucked. of also course idiocy has dictated the complaints against that rather than the bonus points for social hierarchy positions that aren’t based on race:

    “The President fails to mention his personal SAT score of 1206 out of 1600 points was not good enough to meet Yale’s standards; but because his father had attended Yale, he was allowed in under their Alumni preference program. The irony is, he received extra points for being a blue blood.
    As reported by Susan Watson, The Michigan Chronicle, Feb. 19, 2003 edition; “Princeton accepts 35% of all alumni offspring who apply, while only accepting 11 percent of overall applicants.” “The University of Pennsylvania acceptance rate for Alumni kids is twice that of the overall applicant pool.”
    As reported by the Wall Street Journal, “Harvard accepts 40% of legacy applicants, compared with an 11% overall acceptance rate.” Like wise, Princeton and Notre Dame; yet the legacy students score two points below the overall average on the SAT. One year, it is reported, that the gap was as high as 35 points.
    It is undeniable that the Ivy League Alumni preference program discriminates against more poor white students, than ten University Of Michigan type quota programs put together. The Alumni preference programs penalize poor white students for not coming from wealthy families who give large Alumni donations; but no one has sued those colleges. Inaction can only be interpreted one way; only preference programs that benefit minorities are fair game.”

  4. Okay, your response to my response (argh… this get confusing after a while…) has some great points, I, however, disagree with you on one.

    Viewing how things REALLY are and being reactionary is EXACTLY what I wish people whould do…. But the problem is that too many are looking at the world through eyes that have been TOLD how to percieve the apparent “differences” that, in my opinion, do not exist.

    As a humanist, pacifist and athiest, I find it so funny that people still break humanity up into “us” and “them” categories. The differences among human beings (homo sapien sapiens, if you will) is negligible. It’s the equivalent of saying that your own sibling is an alien. If people or “society” were to take the moment it requires and actually look for the endless, infinite, similarities instead of the slight, surface differences, they could see that we are more alike than we could ever be different.

    Reactionism is not always a bad thing. It depends entirely upon the point of view, your selective reality, if you will….

    If you are looking at the world as a peaceful and wonderous place, reacting to that in a very direct and uncensored manner is probably going to be a positive experience, both for yourself and those who are around you.

    If, however, you are xenophobic, you will react very differently to what you perceive and experience.

    So, to make a LOOOOONG story short, poeple aren’t being reactionary, they’re being a bunch of xenophobic, racist bastards who need to smarten the frig up…..


  5. our senses act as filters, of course, and i suppose the bigots and their lot will always filter the similarities, leaving only prejudiced differences. not always, really, but mostly. sad.

    i think a level of colour blindness/cognizance of cultural differences is possible: i mean look how Hip eastern culture has become amongst those who are not of asian descent. eastern culture among other things… perhaps though, race still has a basis in this appreciation, as i have a chinese friend who finds white people in chi-paos utterly more attractive than asians… it’s precisely that clash that creates The Exotic i suppose. blah. lately i’m just confusing myself with my tangents and ambiguous “topic sentences” :)

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