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  1. hey maybe with the photogrpahic proof they’ll leave me alone now…

    and yes it was me in the grassy knoll too…

  2. hey!!! I wear the shirt and try to look mean and it gets me nowhere!!! dammit , gotta start eating babies I guess

  3. oh my good gracious god that’s horrible! i thought you were so liberal and open-minded, now look at this. how could you be a nazi?? Death In June?! dear lord almighty. such atrocities. i pray for your eternal soul.

    ps- cool boots.

  4. let’s pretend i posted that as a Reply to dirtybunny’s comment so it doesn’t appear i got twiin/db confused. yes, let’s.

  5. So being evil and or stupid gets one laid?
    Man, I gotta hook me up with some of that!!!!
    This being considerate of others, mature if somewhat sarcastic and honest really isn’t working so well.
    Let’s see if this works:
    Attention all ladies!!!
    I am evil!
    I am childish!
    I am self-absorbed! and
    I only want you for your boobies!!!!
    hmmm… doesn’t seem to be working. oh well.

    I think I recognise the source image for that DVD. I think I saw it or something like it on the coffee table of my ex’s old place. her brother’s apparently. Does this mean he’s a nazi or racist? I’ll leave that to others to decide.

    Mmmmm coffee.


  6. I know, I know; I’m irresistable.
    All these women throwing themselves at me, begging for my attention. I don’t know if I can take it anymore. It’s a burden really. I will have to do something about it to give men and women a chance at getting with the ladies. It’s not my fault that I am the sensuous black man.
    Man, my life is hard!!!



  7. I KNEW IT!

    probably like Boyd Rice too!!

    (the turntable is the nicest part.. if I ever see slipmats like that, I know what leslie is getting for her next bday)

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