11 thoughts on “more laws ‘for the children’

  1. just wanted to say i read and greatly appreciated your (and dirtybunny’s) intelligent/articulate comments on ‘that’ thread. i’m still wondering where i can go to escape sick and/or ignorant societies. i don’t think it’s possible >(

  2. “Too many people to talk to and never enough who are willing to listen.”

    Well, heh… maybe the people listening aren’t saying anything cuz that would be … like… talking? :P I listen all the time, I learned alot from reading that post. I just dont say anything cuz i’m really quite ignorant and don’t want people getting mad at me for bitching about something i believe is one thing that is actually another. People seem to get mad when that kinda stuff happens. I just turtle.

    “I want out of this culture, this society.”

    Well, it’s better here than in some places. Like the middle east. Altho, living in the woods would be pretty rad. So would commune living. I think we should bring that back. Hippy comunes rule.

    “We have a sickness, here.”

    it’s everywhere, you just gotta learn to be a little more optimistic I guess. Give people the benefit of the doubt, y’kno? just look at things like maybe they were doing it with good intentions. And if they were incorrect, oh well. You could always try to educate them in a positive manner.

    The world needs love.

    but i could be wrong about everything, it’s only the opinion of one small deb.

  3. i want to listen, but i think i’m far too self absorbed lately… i know this and i don’t like it… it freaks me out too much.

    but i am willing to listen even if i don’t understand.
    i can try, little brother…

  4. especially when it means a certain group of people are wrong, that’s when they’re MOST RIGHT!

    /explodes in frustration

  5. not me, if i was always right then people would be wearing their underwear outside their pants and pancakes would only be consumed on tuesdays.

    oh, and aliens would be everywhere.

    I think the whole purpose of live journal was lost somewhere, i thought it was about posting your thoughts and feelings like in a journal. Regarless of whether or not they were correct. But it’s really just another bbs. Only the flame wars are more creative here. hehe.

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