…and we crossed the street as fast as we could, the familiar words of hatred in the air.

Bitch. Cocksucker.

They had already knocked the girl down in front of traffic, and she was screaming, sobbing, screaming. The man who almost ran her over had tried to help, and he was on the concrete, three times my size. That left two of us, and six of them.

We got her out somehow, fighting to protect a young lady the size of a twelve-year-old. She didn’t even know we were there, I don’t think. Only that she wasn’t being thrown around anymore, and she was getting away.

By the time security and the cops arrived and dealt with the others, we had made it to the underground parking and out of sight. Leslie kept the police looking elsewhere long enough to share a few cigarettes, and eventually she could talk again. She was from Ottawa, her name was Diane, and between the drugs and the crack of skull on asphalt, she was in pretty bad shape.

The squad car found us eventually, of course. Her boyfriend had already been arrested, and she managed to tell the police that he had her money, her ticket home, her everything.

The security guard asked me if I was alright, and I said that I was. Then she waved to us as the police car pulled away, and by that time it was daylight.

23 thoughts on “Toronto.

  1. sketchy, exhausted but we did good.

    she’s ok in the end…we fended off the ‘bad’ long enough to get her safe…thankfully there were no weapons, just a total of 6 really fucking nasty men throwing around a tiny girl around like she was a broken toy…

    it was really rough. just horrible to see.

    but we can’t let these things go ignored, even of most others turn their backs…i can’t imagine what would have happened to her if we hadn’t taken her away from them all…

    still no sleep…might grab an hour, or not…we wanna collapse…

  2. Holy fuck!
    When did this happen? I saw you guys in Savage….Where did this happen?
    Was this in my neighbourghhood?

  3. Happened last night at about five in the morning, down at College and Yonge…If it had happened on Queen West, people would’ve stepped in, I’m sure.

    It was pretty rough.

  4. oh god that area is so horrible with gang violence…it is so weird that the bloacks between college and gerread are so bad but just one block north and it is so much safer.
    I am glad you guys are ok
    and I am glad you interveened
    the world needs more people liek you

  5. As I have always thought you and Leslie are good people. You’ll have to let me know *with I’m sure other people too* on Tues night what happened.

    Thank you for making this crazy world a better place.

    Glad you 2 are okay tho.

  6. I am so proud of you guys. That took great courage, I wonder if I would have interviened, you humble me.

    *kisses* glad your safe

  7. college and yonge… i don’t remember, is that near UofT and chinatown?
    or is college near the rom… garg my memory is failing

  8. “blame Canada! blame Canada!…” wait.. wrong song..

    Anyway, semi-good ending, better then many I’m sure. That crap happens everywhere, all over the world, but it certainly focuses in a few places. +(

  9. is it still courage if you don’t think twice about your actions?
    it didn’t feel like courage, you know what i mean?

    …thanks once more for your kind words Adam…and even if you don’t, i know you would have :)

  10. oh yeah, it’s where that mall is, not the easton or whatever it’s called, but the one further up yonge.
    i remember now :)
    this one time i walking on church street, this guy was walking hand in hand with two other guys, and he was wearing pants that had no butt. his butt was like OPEN. it was gross and funny at the same time lol

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