So you will have another ticket, for losing your senses.

A brief history of Canada’s marijuana laws is relevant reading, considering the Prime Minister’s recent assurance that pot is soon to be decriminalized, and our friendly neighbour to the south’s not-so-veiled threats.

I firmly believe the Bush administration will bring about the end of American-Canadian trust and goodwill. This is just one action of many.

4 thoughts on “So you will have another ticket, for losing your senses.

  1. Well then I guess we be terrorists. After all, we are ‘forcing them to act’ as they ‘have been left with no options’ and ‘it is my sad duty to announce that we are at war with Canada, the land of leafy terrorists’.
    But remember; they don’t want to step on our soveriegnty. Well, so long as everyone does what they tell them to that is.
    Heck, I’m personally against pot but if I were the leader of a nation that’s constantly drooling and looking for a fight, I would take my SEALs and use them according to their mandate. I would target threats both foreign and domestic. And since they are after all at war with Terrorism (you know, inducing fear in others in order to accomplish your goal which is sometimes political), there is a wonderful group that they could target. But would they ever target the KKK? No. Too many white american males involved. And killing whitey is wrong.

    Man. If they want to make things better, why can’t they take care of their fucking shit before playing with other people’s shit? Then instead of being held in contempt by other nations, they may find others actually respecting their hypocritical asses.

    Freedom and justice for all. Yeah, and I’m the pope’s successor.



    i’m not sure which one is funnier, the “omg you are”, or the “omg you aren’t” hehehe

  3. I still like our man in office. Funny accent, and broken-lookin’ face.. he is still damn smart, wily, and willing to fight. I’d love to see him in a stand-up with Bush. He’d rip the war-monger a new one. +)

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