Virtual Avenger speaks!

Matt Haughey ruminates on becoming an online dinosaur.

I’ve been online for most of my life, and so many of my first usernames were OS-dictated. bg414, jp0579, those kinds of things. Even when choosing my own username became possible (and later, when the eight-character limit was raised) I tended to keep things simple. I had one or two handles that I used regularly, but I never used my real name.

Only recently have I dropped the wall that I kept between my online life and my personal life (years of h/p/a/c/v BBSing taught me to never let any information follow you back to where you sleep), and I relate to a lot of the sentiments expressed in Matt’s journal.

Signing things as ‘Twiin’ just feels a bit more silly every day.

4 thoughts on “Virtual Avenger speaks!

  1. I still get called “Lumi” now and again … it’s odd, like you say, but in a weird way, it’s comforting. It’s kind of reminiscent of when you were a kid and you had a “kiddie” name … like Bobby for Robert… when you grow up, you get Bob.

    Those old numbered usernames are still cool, though… because their random number strings are perfect for prefixing or suffixing passwords.. it’s not a birthday or SIN number…

    I still have an old nick that I still use in shady online dealings, but it’s something that (with respect to the article) simply cannot be picked out from Google. I tried combinations, but have only turned up really bizzare results. None of them point back to me… I guess even the old h/p/a/c/v paranoia wasn’t nearly as justified as any of us ever hoped.

  2. Fro
    T.Oni (or T_Oni etc)
    T. (or T_ etc)

    These are the nicks I know, I know. Sorry. Dave Foley moment. Occassionally at BBS gathers, it would shock people that I used aliases that were so close to being identifiers. So then I started using things, because I’m a smart ass, like:
    But they never pleased me all that much.


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