American War Crimes, first in a series.

Think of the children: “I think they thought we wouldn’t shoot kids. But we showed them we don’t care.”

Cluster bombing for fun and profit: “Described as “a horror,” two nights of U.S. bombing produced babies cut in half, dozens of severed bodies, and scattered limbs. The victims were farmers and their families. There were no Iraqi artillery, Republican guard troops or military installations within miles.”

One thought on “American War Crimes, first in a series.

  1. Even if we have to kill them to free them.”

    It really isn’t all that hard to see their logical, such as it is. Let me state right now that I do not agree with it, but I can understand their train of thought, regardless of how perverse it is.
    “Fog of War” indeed. I much prefer that it were said simply and truthfully instead of continuing to pass the buck as America is want to do. “We were in a firefight and came to the conclusion that it would be easier to kill the boy(s) rather than take control of the situation. But remember, we are here to free the people from their nightmare-ish regime.”
    Oops, I forgot to use the correct terminology that sanitizes their actions and frees them from any moral obligations. Let me rephrase then “We were in a hostile fire-zone and due to the extreme stresses placed on us, we relied upon our training and reprioritized the objectives of our operation. This required the pacification of non-military personnel.”
    Of course it is easier for me to judge them because I am not there and in those situations, but their marginalizations and justifications for the situations that they imposed on themselves
    make me sick.
    I could also rant on how all of this was predictable. The entire situation. But I think that will just make me angrier.


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