Sleep or Übersleep?

The Uberman’s Sleep Schedule is a method of scheduling your waking hours so that you jump almost immediately to stage 5 (REM) unconsciousness when you fall asleep, allowing you to function up to twenty-two hours a day.

In essence, the technique involves a series of twenty-minute power naps throughout the day to allow your brain to get the necessary amount of REM sleep. Leonardo Da Vinci used this technique to great success throughout his life, as did Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and many others.

The drawback is that large periods of uninterrupted activity are nearly impossible, as your body becomes very reliant on rest periods every four or five hours. If you miss a nap, you’ll be exhausted for a day. If you oversleep, you’ll be exhausted for two.

I used this technique myself for about nine months, during which time I was energetic, social, healthy, and frighteningly productive. Not to mention, I didn’t experience any sleep apnea or nightmares, both of which I normally suffer from.

I was, however, very high for the first week.

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