French Fries?

A comparison of French and American school cafeteria offerings:

French: Iceberg lettuce with radishes and vinaigrette, grilled fish with lemon, stewed carrots, emmental cheese, apple tart.
American: Zweigel’s™ hot dog on a roll with tater tots .

French: Potato salad, filet of fish with creamed celery, sauteed lima beans, yogurt, fruit.
American: Stuffed crust cheese and pepperoni pizza.

“The dirty fact about American school lunches is that they are a dumping ground for surplus and substandard beef, chicken and dairy products. Many of these foods cannot be served fresh because they would be too dangerous to eat. This is especially true for ground meat, which is at times so contaminated with bacteria that it would not be legal to sell it in a supermarket. “

4 thoughts on “French Fries?

  1. but we have FREEDOM FRIES!!!

    but really, school lunch back in “my day”, I would drench everything (pizza, burgers, mac n cheese, etc) in 1000 Island Dressing to remove any and all fetid taste…

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