5 thoughts on “DC3 – My head goes boom!

  1. cooool photo! hi jairus, it’s monika….from toronto….remember me? i’ve just joined a toronto band called PERDITION……they mentioned something about wanting to do a show in ottawa on the 29th of march…[we’re playing Saphir in montreal on the 28th]…….i’m coming to ottawa later today, staying until monday…..i was wondering if you might be around we could perhaps chat? i was going to contact leslie as well……maybe you could mention this to her? anyways, we’ll be at the DOM tonight [friday] so maybe i’ll see you there!


  2. The only reason I bought that specific kind of lamp oil, is cause it literally says it burns brighter and hotter than karosene on the label.

    Bravo Jairus…I will have to try it out too, see how big my ninja flame will be

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