I’m not a big fan of Kevin Poulsen’s writing, but he’s put together a solid article for the latest Wired: One Hacker’s Audacious Plan to Rule the Black Market in Stolen Credit Cards

He worked for two straight days; when he tired, he crashed out on the apartment’s foldaway bed for an hour or two, then got up and went back at it. Butler sent an email under the handle Iceman to all the thieves whose accounts he had usurped. Whether they liked it or not, he wrote, they were now members of his own site, CardersMarket.com. In one bold stroke, Butler had erected one of the largest criminal marketplaces the Internet had ever seen, 6,000 users strong.

It’s funny, good hackers never get caught because they were defeated in some cyber-battle or because they left a door open behind them somewhere, they only get caught because they’re greedy or they love to talk.

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