The sensible effect, the feeling to which the mind is subjected

I’m trying this thing where I write about emotions but don’t publish those entries to Facebook. It’s LiveJournal or bust around these parts. So here are some things with an emotion in them.


I talk a lot about how amazing Audra Williams is in person but I don’t do enough of it online. She is a perfect partner and is loving and supportive in ways I didn’t even know possible.

She’s a crazy amazing writer and also better at social media than possibly anyone else in the world and I’m kind of not joking there.

She’s my champion when things are great and she sings to me when things are tough. She is part of my heart walking around outside my body.

I love you, Audra.


It seems totally impossible that it has been less than a month since my friendship with the incredible Natalie Zed became something else, that it happened a week before she moved to Montreal, and that it is somehow still possible for us to have a thing.

I can’t believe how much fun and light and love she brings to every conversation, every hangout, every Facebook thread about whatever weirdo Scottish art-horror movie we just watched.

I also can’t believe just how supportive Audra is with the both of us, and how absurdly reasonable and loving she is to us while we figure out what this is going to look like.


There are still tough things going on, and sad things, and stressful things, and other things. But even while all that is happening, I wake up every day feeling lucky for how amazing the people in my life are.

Audra, Natalie, and everyone else bringing love and trust into my life: Thank you.

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