There is a season

It is a time of transitions.

- I still miss Mothra terribly.
- Blinky has gotten super clingy since he has never been alone in a house before.
+ So I am fostering kittens from the Annex Cat Rescue that are waiting to be adopted.
- Blinky finds this to be of questionable utility.
+ I’m making big changes to the work that I do, so that I can do more work that is awesome, and less work that is not.
± Audra and I are starting to get more requests for awesome work than we can take on.
+ Audra and I are super in love and working to make our relationship better all the time.
+ I’m in a new relationship with a gal named Natalie and I am super excited about it.
- Anna and I have ended our romantic relationship and I am super bummed about it.
- I agonized over which one of those last two lines to put first so that no one felt dissed by it and eventually had to flip a coin.
± I used a PRNG instead of a real coin.
+ I made a pilgrimage to Bill Watterson’s hometown, Chagrin Falls, which I’ve wanted to do for fifteen years.
+ I got to see amazing original Calvin and Hobbes art at a rare exhibition taking place at the Ohio State University Cartoon Library and Museum.
+ I’m getting a tattoo by the artist that I think is straight-up the best working tattoo artist in the world.
! Restraint turns fifteen years old next month.

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