Status report, day 12784

There is a new Antigen Shift record! Nick and I made it. With our bare hands! You can check it out on Bandcamp and read an interview on I Die: You Die about the album.

Antigen Shift - Brotherhood

Also, we are playing tomorrow at Aftermath, AKA Fake Kinetik. It’ll be nice to play a big festival show and then sleep in my own bed.

Also, It is my birthday. Happy birthday, me!

I am thirty-five years old. Only thirty years away from that sweet, sweet movie theatre senior discount card.

There might be a new meteor shower tomorrow night. I’m going to try to catch it after my gig. Hop in a car, drive as far as I can before it starts, and watch the sky.

One thought on “Status report, day 12784

  1. I love you ..i love your writings..your genius..your you…always you..I love you…forever..thankyou for all you are…i am so proud and never will ever forget the very second you came into this journey of life with me in my arms and your grandmother watching..saying..there is your Jairus…as your name was picked out by month 5…You…connect with my heart with your every word without knowing how deep it impacts..I will always feel blessed because of you and what and who you are to me and the world…! M

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