The winter of our discount tent

December Update: Winter has started to settle in, and I expect I should start to be able to feel my toes again sometime in mid-March.

Work is frustrating. I don’t feel like I’m adding to anything. All my initiatives have been stopped dead or put on indefinite hold. Most of the contributions I’ve made in the last two months are re-implementations of features and designs that were stripped out while I was away on tour. Plus, someone in security apparently has it out for me (if you’re reading this over a wireshark capture, let me know and I’ll buy you a coffee), and my boss has been uncharacteristically jerkish for the past week.

I’m frustrated at things going on in my personal life, but have nowhere to write about them.

I’m upset at things happening to people I care about, but can’t do anything about it.

Some great days in the last few weeks, but they’ve still been hard weeks.

Whatever. Trying to shake it off. Killing Joke tonight. Yes.

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