4 thoughts on “[04/30] Of drums and noise

  1. Is “industrialness” in and of itself a quality you strive for when you create your music?

    Do you think some Ad-Ver-Sary tracks are more industrial than others?

  2. Jessica: A guy I had a paper route with gave me a copy of Front Line Assembly – Tactical Neural Implant on tape when I was 12. It was life-altering. I haven’t really looked back since. Industrial is a hundred shades of grey. Your music is blue.

    Brad: It is, yeah. It’s really the only kind of external thing I try to keep in focus when I write music. But ‘industrialness’ in the sense that it is something that draws from the sonic tradition of Neubauten and Test Dept, and works contrary to what the prevailing winds of music are.

    Some tracks are for sure more industrial than others. Bone Music, Darker, Dresden, they’re all very much about noise and texture and are songs to drown yourself in.

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