Are we there yet?

+ I ate delicious barbeque for a week while I was in Texas!
– However, I might have broken my wrist there.
+ …while I was riding a mechanical bull.
– …because of an Irishman who thinks he’s HILARIOUS.
– Irishmen.
+ Audra has been staying with me at my apartment for the last week since I got back, and it has been the best week I’ve had in a long, long time.
+ I will be taking over a larger 1-bedroom apartment in my building at the end of the month!
+ This means I will have room to get a portable dishwasher. Oh sweet jesus yes.
+ I’m doing some really awesome UI/Wordpress stuff at work for the new website.
+ A lot of people are going to be using it after it launches.
– A very heavy speaker fell off a shelf and onto my face on Tuesday.
– Percocet seems to serve only to make me nauseous and useless.
± The combination of facial abrasions, fat lip, and splinted wrist appears to encourage strangers to be very, very nice to me.
+ Booking for the bigass autumn tour is going well.
– I need more downtime.

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