+ I am posting this from in my new place in Chinatown.
+ My new apartment is two floors above someone amazing who I love.
– She has terrible wireless!
+ I got a free a mug with a kitten on it from the people who moved out!
+ Also a couch and TV stand!
– My TV just might be too epic to fit through the stairs.
+ I played an awesome set at Festival Kinetik in Montreal back in May, without a single on-stage reboot.
+ I also released the Ad·ver·sary remix disc!
+ I have some good ideas for the next Ad·ver·sary record.
+ They involve coal miners.
+ I have been practising for my Bluesfest show with Peter Murphy.
+ I also played an awesome show with Cyanotic at Zaphods.
–  …but I couldn’t join them for the whole tour due to work/sick/more.
± I then spent at least twenty hours watching Ken Burns documentaries in a haze of sickness.
– I have been too stressed and busy to write much lately.
+ I am going to order pizza.
+ It is going to be delicious.

+ It was delicious.

3 thoughts on “status++

  1. You’re above Audra, that’s awesome!

    About the mug, couch, and TV stand, isn’t there a tradition where you’re supposed to leave something behind for the people moving in? In my case, it was a TV stand, but I don’t know if it was actually meant to be left behind, or just garbage.

    I still owe you $5 for the CD, by the way, I haven’t forgotten. It was the samples on the CD that introduced me to The Village. I just started the series last week.

  2. Jeff! We miss you at Documentary Nights. They’re on Thursdays, now. You should come this week! You can go look at Jairus’s new place afterwards!

  3. I miss documentary nights too! Unfortunately, weeknights aren’t good for me. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Tai Chi class. Let me know if there’s ever a date change though, especially if it’s ever on a weekend; there’s one doc in particular I want to watch with you guys.

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