In the trenches

Just came back from PodCamp Toronto, where Audra and I gave a presentation on Social Media in the Public Service. It went over really well, and it’ll be up on SlideShare once the video/audio archives are up at PodCamp so I can stitch it all together.

I spent a fair amount of the trip feeling ill, and to my horror, I’ve realized that I always started feeling sick about twenty minutes after having a few cups of coffee. Caffeine is one of my most treasured addictions, and I don’t know how easily I would be able to function without it. I don’t think there has ever been a period in my life where I was caffeine-free.

I’d like to go back and spend some more time wandering the city once it warms up a bit. I think I’m slowly coming to terms with my relationship with Toronto. We’ll never be what we were, but I think we could learn how to be friends.

3 thoughts on “In the trenches

  1. I’m not POSITIVE, but I’m pretty sure that coffee has started making me sick to my stomach. A whole load of food has, all of a sudden. I just avoid anything that seems to give me symptoms.

    Oddly I’m okay with energy drinks, so I still get my fix.

  2. i know what a difficult relationship you’ve had with that city…and i am so totally up for heading back for a couple days, just you and i, and i’ll see if i can’t get her to behave properly for you…besides, it’s you and i, and when it’s you and i, nothing can touch us …

    love love love

  3. for a while there, coffee was doing the same thing to my tummy… so i switched to decaf, and it stopped :P course, it wasn’t so much the caffeine as the taste for me (i’m a timmy ho) and after a while it stopped bothering me, so i was able to go back to regular crack. on the other hand, it may have just been stress.

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