se7en th1ngs

Thanks to Mr. Dangerously, I am honour-bound to make this post.

The rules:

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The things:

  1. Through little-to-no fault of my own, I spent a number of years under 24/7 police surveillance while growing up. To this day, I still expect to see unmarked vans when I look out the window, and to hear the telltale double-click when I pick up my phone. I imagine I always will.
  2. I think Walt Disney and Shigeru Miyamoto are two of the greatest surrealists who have ever worked, and should be spoken of in the same hushed and reverant tones reserved for Dalí and Ernst.
  3. I prefer A Silver Mt. Zion to Godspeed You Black Emperor. You want to fight about it?
  4. The first time (that I remember) seeing both my parents in the same room together, I was sixteen, and in a courtroom surrounded by a gauntlet of cameras and reporters.
  5. I got into rap before I got into electronic music, or any other music at all, and I’ve been trying to figure out what the first rap album I ever owned (and knew all the lyrics to) was. I think it was Walking with a Panther, Let’s Get It Started, or Banned in the USA.
  6. I emailed Douglas Adams out of the blue for girl advice when I was nineteen. In addition to being very friendly and extremely incisive, he is actually funnier when he’s not working than when he is.
  7. Musicians I have consciously attempted to rip off include (but are not limited to): Michael Gira, Trent Reznor, Nobuo Uematsu, STR, Paul Frankland, Nick Thériault, and Johann Sebastian Bach.

I am passing this albatross on to: 0utre, albedo_lens, unacquiesce, divine, essinem, mr_horse, and and last but not least, liquidab (who probably won’t do it anyway).

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