Wind and Cities (or: this is not a tour diary)

In Chicago. Spent the day wandering the city (including a fantastic two hours as part of an architecture walking tour), and have been left with tired feet and a heavy heart.

Being in the United States is rough at the best of times, and seeing just how many mentally ill, homeless, hungry people there are in this city gets to me. It’s so fucking brutal.

The tour’s coming to an end, which is of course bittersweet. I’m looking forward to seeing the people (and kittens) in Ottawa that I love and miss, but there’s a lot about the city that leaves me raw when I think about it. Homesickness, without any city that makes me feel like I’m home.

Going to go out to Neo tonight. We’ll see if my sorrows float.

Promises, promises.

Spent a lot of today lost in my own head. Tried to shake it off and went down to the grand re-opening of the Mayfair Theatre, where the restored 35mm print of Metropolis was playing, with live music for the score.

The lineup was already at the end of the block by the time I got there, and after an hour in the cold we were told that no one else was getting in, they had been at capacity since 6PM or so.

Then everyone else in line left and we got in. (Standing room only, 124 minutes running time.)

Balcony at the Mayfair Theatre

Took a few photos on the way home, none of them really turned out well, sadly.

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons

Would like to write more, but don’t have the words tonight.


As long as life endures.

Shelter mourns dozens of homeless who died in Ottawa in 2008.

Close to 100 people crowded into downtown shelter Friday morning to remember more than 40 shelter users who died this year in Ottawa. […]

About 10 people came before the crowd to share their memories of those whose struggles on the street ended over the past 11 months. A list of the dead, who ranged in age from 19 to the early 60s, were read out and the crowd sang Amazing Grace in their memory.

About 900 to 1,000 people live in shelters downtown, said Paul Soucie, co-executive director of the Shepherds of Good Hope shelter.

Ronald Waldrif, who has been using the Centre 454 shelter for two years, said he knew some of them, including one man who was starting to get his life back together when he died in a hit-and-run collision.

He added that many committed suicide. Others died as a result of homicide, illness, or drug overdoses, Cheam said.

I wish I had known about this. When I was working with the shelters/drop-in, we were never allowed to do anything along these lines.

Our unwillingness to address homelessness in Canada is tragic and shameful.

i can has police robot?


also i forgot my lunch at home

OTTAWA, Nov. 13 (Reuters) – Police are investigating a suspicious package found outside the Bank of Canada headquarters in Ottawa on Thursday, bank spokesman Jeremy Harrison said.

Harrison said the central bank had been notified by police of the package, left outside the bank’s center building, which houses the office of Governor Mark Carney. Staff in the immediate area have been evacuated, he said.

“We are awaiting further information from the relevant authorities, and will provide updates to you as we receive them,” Harrison said.

The bank announced plans on Wednesday to inject an additional C$8 billion ($6.5 billion) into the Canadian financial system to unlock credit flows, on top of the roughly C$20 billion it has already pledged.

Other important buildings nearby include the Supreme Court of Canada and the Parliament Buildings.

Update: Now with ROBOTS!


Have I ever mentioned how much I hate this time of the year? Every year, you say?

Well, I still do.

I don’t know what’s happening with this Cyanotic/Chemlab tour. Which is bad, considering that I should be booking my time off now, if it’s happening. The problem with being involved in Cyanotic is that you can never really count on anything; the ground is always shifting whenever you look the other way.

…which is fine, given that I’ve been neglecting Ad·ver·sary as of late, due to post-cyanotic-fatigue and pre-label-frustration. I’ve got a handful of releases in various states of completion that I need to deal with:

International Dark Skies: My 2005 demo that labels keep saying they want to release and then not releasing. Current label: Fich-Art, run by the Ars Moriendi crew (Asche, etc). This thing is years old, and I’m tired of it just sitting here.

Bone Music: Full-length album containing some tracks from IDS, some newer reworkings of IDS tracks, plus remixes of IDS from other artists. International Dark Skies 2.0, really. Mostly done — just need to collect remixes and finish one or two tracks.

Channel Zero: This is what I’m working on now. All new material, concept album. Maybe 1/3 done. I’m probably biting off more than I can chew with how I’ve planned it, but we’ll see how it turns out.

The Raven Prince: This won’t be an AVS release — it’ll either come out as a self-titled (if there’s not already a band called The Raven Prince), or I’ll release it under Jairus Khan. 3-track EP soundtrack to a children’s origin-myth-slash-fairy-tale I’m writing.

It would be nice if any of these ended up the way I see them in my head.

Ryan’s a good friend, and I hope his new night is a smash success (and selfishly it would be awesome to have a place where Leslie or I could play an all-goth industrial-free guest DJ set), but I really wish that someone would do a weekly that wasn’t marketed as a statement about Industrial Strength Tuesdays (or “the scene” or whatever). It’s always “re-vamp” and “making the scene a threat” and “the REAL underground” and etcetera. It would be nice if someone did an event that was just marketed as “You like good music? Come to our night! We play good music!”

(Here’s the part where I sound like an arrogant jackass) Aside from Victor (RIP Le Bistro), I’m the only person in town who’s run a successful goth-oriented night in the last ten years (if I’m missing someone, let me know), and I did it twice. The reason they were successful is because they weren’t a reaction to Leslie’s night; if we picked them up and dropped them in a club in Montreal or Boston, we wouldn’t change anything about them. All of the nights/events that have started as an ‘alternative’ to Tuesdays have crashed and burned, because a) the music they play will always be defined by the music played on Tuesdays, and b) there just aren’t enough people who wear black to support two competing events — and let’s be frank — Industrial Strength Tuesday has over ten years of inertia, and any of the events that have openly and directly positioned themselves as competition are punching far above their weight.

The only events that have done well here in the last fifteen years (and this includes Zaphods, Le Bistro, Thunderdome, Dark Crystal, Absinthe, or any other) are the ones that worked to compliment the nightlife, rather than compete with it.

You can run an event that’s founded on aesthetics, or the community, or what-that-guy-across-the-street-is-doing, but they’re not sustainable. The only events that have any staying power are the ones founded on the music.

I’m done now.

Shelter overcrowding reaches crisis level

From the Ottawa Humane Society:

Following the rescue of 40 animals from our sister shelter and after admitting a near record number of strays, the OHS is facing an extreme housing crunch.

On July 16, two of our EAPS agents travelled to Cornwall to pick up 35 cats and five dogs who were left homeless after a fire damaged the shelter in that city. The animals were transported back to Ottawa, where our staff rallied to make room for the new arrivals. All received health checks and some loving care before making their way to the adoption ward.

In addition to the Cornwall crowd, close to 300 other animals have been admitted to our shelter in the past week, with more than 200 of those being stray or surrendered cats. Summer is typically a busy time of year, with the combination of kitten season and warmer weather adding to the influx, but staff have been working extra hard to deal with this year’s volume.

In an effort to boost cat adoptions, the OHS is allowing people who adopt one adult cat from its Champagne Avenue shelter to adopt a second cat at no extra cost.

Read more about our adoption crisis.

Techno event showcases original music


“This,” Techno Ontario’s organizers T.C.P. and Nonstop Promotions helpfully declare in capital letters in their description of tomorrow’s ambitious electronic-music presentation, is “NOT A RAVE.”

Given the event’s Club SAW setting and scheduled 7 p.m. ’til midnight running time, that might go without saying. Yet, there is a more significant element to Techno Ontario that promises to set the night apart from a typical evening of dancing to DJs.

“The idea,” says one of the evening’s performers, Nikolaus Sands, “is that rather than going to a club to hear someone spinning other people’s music, you can go to something that showcases people creating their own music.”

Sands, aka Comrad, will be one of seven local electronic artists presenting original music under a particularly broad ‘electronic’ banner. From trance to metal, there will be an impressive array of sounds on offer.

In addition to Sands, the evening will feature DJ Lushys — both solo and with his band I Awake — as well as Indian-born percussionist Zarnoosh, producer Twiin, dark-trance specialist Blake Sutherland (making his public-performance debut) and producer Chris Girard. Each will bring a different style to the table, and will introduce original music often built upon organic instrumental roots.

“It’s all built from scratch,” Sands says of his productions. “It might start with a guitar line or a bass line, or something on sitar. I develop it from there, using a sampler, drum machines and an analogue synth. And at the show there will be visuals, though I’m no visual artist.”

Fortunately, visuals will be provided tomorrow by Patrick “Brainwerx” Brown, and by old-school video games to be projected onto the big screen. Cool.

And cozy, given the intimate confines of Club SAW. Only 100 tickets are being sold for the event, in fact, with proceeds going to the World Wildlife Fund.

“It’s not very often that we get to do this kind of stuff,” Sands enthuses of the original-music showcase. “The only chance someone would normally get to do it is if they put on their own event.

“This is a chance for us to not only get some exposure, but also to hear what each of us is doing. It’s not like people doing live electronic music get invited to play clubs very often.”

Sands did have a semi-regular gig performing his music live at the University of Ottawa’s Cafe Nostalgica. And, in the interest of maximizing his musical pursuits while he prepares for his final year in Carleton University’s environmental studies program, Sands has hedged his performing bets by playing bass with a local “pop-punk band … that hasn’t played any gigs yet.”

Not that one should jump to categorized conclusions, as the breadth of styles slated for Techno Ontario strives to remind us.

“I’m just into music in general,” Sands notes. “It doesn’t matter if it’s punk, hardcore or electronic. I just want to make music.”

Visit Sunny Ontario

I’m playing a benefit show (as Ad·ver·sary) for the World Wildlife Fund, Thursday at SAW.

The show is being put together by some of the XVI crowd, and the idea behind it is to bring together local producers of different styles of electronic music in a sit-down event:

This July 5th, Neil_nonstop and Phil Beta of T.C.P. will host a truly original electronic music show at none other than Club Saw. For one night, you will see and hear 7 of Ontario’s best new original musicians spanning different realms of the electronica spectrum.

This is a NOT A RAVE, this a night of 100% original music. So grab a seat with some friends, sit back, and prepare for a journey through sound.

The Styles will range from trance, to retro, to hard techno, to metal and beyond. The purpose of this show is to bring together different genres of electronica that seldom are played at the same event. This unique mix-up of amazing original music is just what you would expect from this beautiful province of ours. Not only will you hear some of the best new artists around, you’ll also be transported to another astral plane with visualizations by Brainwerx; the master behind the visuals at Illuminatrix.

Most importantly, we’re not doing this event any money. All profits from ticket sales and internal sales will be Donated directly to the World Wildlife Fund to assist their efforts Worldwide.

So if you want a night of amazing new music, the finest visuals, and support wildlife and the local music scene at the same time, you’ll want to be at Techno Ontario this July 5th at Club Saw.

It’s $10, and it’s an early show (I’m on at 8:20, and it ends at midnight). One of the projects is fronted by S4, who was a guest DJ at one of the Dark Carnivals, and also performed as Lou Cypher Project.

Featuring All-Original Electronic Music sets By

– Comrad [Link]
A rising name in the Ottawa Techno scene, Comrad is heavy into writing new tracks, all of which are unbelievably better than the last. The band is work of Nikolaus Sands, a classically trained musician from Ottawa. Using created and found resources, Comrad successfully incorporates organic instrumentation with thick analog bass and drum sounds. His style is constantly evolving and his latest releases clearly reflect it, pushing glitchy-atmospheric melodies to the limit on a wide arsenal of Analog Korg Synthesizers and Drum Machines. Comrad is a name to watch in the near future and you might just witness his burst into scene. This July 5th, Comrad will bring you a live set of his latest and best tracks along with the synths that made them!

– DJ Lushys
Djing and producing since 2000, 2001, and having played along side names such as Luna C, Dominik, SOS, S4, Ruffage and Deacon to name a few, his sound is forged from his love for all forms of dance music. Expect to hear a mash up of his own productions and collection which will take you from breaks, to old skool hardcore and jungle, to trance and back and everythign in between.

– Blake Sutherland [Link]
Although he’s a new name in Ottawa’s electronic music scene, Blake Sutherland has been quickly making a name for himself with his many amazing releases of dark, hard driving, trance fused with a generous helping of melody. When we first found this guy, we thought he was from out of town and were offering to bring him in Ottawa to play the show, he was that good. As luck would
have it, he’s from our own little city of Ottawa and would be more than happy to bring his original productions to you for a night you’ll never forget. Check out his tracks and then come for his first performance, live, at Techno Ontario.

– I Awake [Link]
Since forming in 2006 I Awake was the full on new project by djs S4, Lushys and Agent 1475, together with Phill Christy and Jon Sheriff their sound was awoken. Hard driving melodic music driven by an eclectic list of influences ranging from metal, post-punk and extensive experiences in EDM and Live Music performance, you do not want to miss this band!

– Ad·ver·sary
Ad·ver·sary is a project from local techno-industrial promoter Twiin, who brings over a decade of DJing and production experience to his music. Combining distorted and tribal beats with melodic arrangements and experimental sound design, Ad·ver·sary has been turning heads at shows throughout Canada and the United States. Fresh from a US tour with industrial-metal powerhouse Cyanotic, AVS is preparing for a two-week UK tour in the fall, and finishing his first album for Germany’s Ant-Zen records.

– Chris Girard
Chris was born in the city of Ottawa, Canada. His father’s strong love for music influenced him into the sounds of rock and alternative, and as he grew older, it became an even bigger part of his life. After playing in a band for over 4 years, and taking professional drum lessons, Chris became a very skillful percussionist. Studying the theory of music, Chris also became a mastermind of his own passion, and put it to work when he began to create his own music. After only three years of composing his own music, he has reached a level which is now being recognized by many top DJs and producers alike (ex. Paul Van Dyk, DJ Tarkan, V-Sag, Snake Sedrick, Nikola Gala, Perry O’Neil, Hernan Cattaneo, Jon Sinclair, and Ariel Cybana). He strives to create the perfect sound, and feels blessed to be given this opportunity to share his music with as many people as possible.(labels:,

– Zarnoosh
Born December 20th 1987 in Mumbai, India, Zarnoosh started producing at the young age of 14, when he sequenced drums for his first band. Now residing in Ottawa, Canada where he has had experience playing drums and percussion with numerous bands and other projects he is well-versed in the music scene. Having recently signed up his first couple of releases with more projects on the way things are fresh talent! (labels:,

The fine print:

+ The Video Game Hermit will be bringing his games to play free on the big screen.
7pm-9:30pm – The Best of Dos Games (email for game suggestions)
9:30pm-11:30pm – Nintendo Wii!

+ HUGE visual effects budget. Entertain your eyes as well as your ears with nonstop Visualizations by BRAINWERX!!

Techno Ontario
July 5, 2007
67 Nicholas St.
Ottawa, Ontario

Club Saw is not a large venue, to ensure optimal comfort and seating, this event will be limited to 100 tickets.

Tickets are 10$ and are on sale now at:
– Norml Clothing, in the Byward Market.

** Limited Tickets available at door, msg Phil Beta on XVI to reserve (15$)**

The Hood: 1991-1997

The Hood: 1991-1997

The Hood: 1991-1997

The Hood: 1991-1997

This is it: Craig Henry. Anyone who knew me when I was a teenager knew this place.

If you click-through to the Flickr page, you’ll see my annotations and notes. It’s incredible how strongly I feel about this place. Writing even the few works on the Flickr entry has really left me shaken and sad.

I drove by here in a Taxi last week, to visit my mother. I hadn’t been out there in years, and when I saw all the new massive big-box stores and the suburban house developments, it literally made me ill.

I can’t write anything more about it.

Life and Death on the Streets – Third in a Series.

I remember.

When I was sixteen or so, and my police file listed my residence as “NFA: NO FIXED ADDRESS”, I spent a lot of time at The Square. All of us. It was where we spent our time.

There were maybe two dozen of us there when this kid grabbed my collar, his face caked in blood.

“You gotta help me, man. Some big jock just fuckin’ decked me and took my bag. I was holding for someone else, I don’t even know who this guy is. I gotta get it back.”

That was all we needed to hear. Very few of us agreed on anything at all, and most of us had been in scraps with at least half the people there. We only knew solidarity when someone from the outside fucked with us.

There were dozens of us at the square, and then just like that, there were none.

We followed buddy (who’s name I don’t remember, if I ever knew it) down the back streets, until we found the jock. He was drunk, or high, or both. Big motherfucker, too. Bigger than any of us, at least. Nice jacket, nice shoes. He mumbled something under his breath, held buddy’s denim backpack close to him, and we circled around him.

The details are fuzzy, and largely irrelevant. I remember one of the squeegee kids broke his squeegee handle over the guys head, and someone else kicked him into a car so hard he went through the window, and the alarm went off. At no point did he fall down, he just staggered and kept swinging at us. Probably less than half of us did anymore more than watch, but it didn’t matter who did what. We were all complicit.

Ten minutes later, we’re out of the alleys and on the main street. Traffic is heavy, and he’s bleeding bad. Someone picks up an iron garbage can from the street corner and throws it at him, in the middle of the road. I don’t remember if it hit him or not.

We all know this can’t go on much longer. It’s broad daylight, and someone’s almost certainly called the cops by now.

He jumps in the back of a moving pickup truck, and then he’s gone. The backpack is in the middle of the road, and the kid with the bloody face grabs it, and takes off. The rest of us follow his example, and find other places to be for the rest of the day.

Someone went down to a few hospitals the next day, pretending to be a concerned bystander. This wasn’t uncommon when situations like this happened — it was always better to know than to not know.

He had come in for stitches, and then gone into a coma. He died due to a ‘closed head injury’. That’s what they call it when you get hit in the head hard enough to kill you, but not hard enough to actually crack your skull open.

All of this is true. This really happened.

No one needed to speak aloud what we all knew:

We are all complicit; we are all murderers here.

Not pretty at all

5000 people marched in Ottawa on Saturday, while more than a quarter of that
number were arrested in San Francisco during a peace rally.

In Baghdad, “Salam Pax” (a pseudonym composed of the Arabic and Latin
words for peace) writes:

8:30pm (day4)
we start counting the hours from the moment one of the news channels report
that the B52s have left their airfield. It takes them around 6 hours to get
to Iraq. On the first day of the bombing it worked precisely. Yesterday we were
a bit surprised that after 6 hours bombs didn’t start falling. The attacks
on Baghdad were much less than two days ago. We found out today in the news
that the city of Tikrit got the hell bombed out of it. To day the B52s took
off at 3pm, on half an hour we will know whether it is Baghdad tonight or another
city. Karbala was also hit last night.
Today’s (and last night’s) shock attacks didn’t come from
airplanes but rather from the airwaves. The images Al-jazeera is broadcasting
are beyond any description.

[Presidential Documents]
[Page 12565-12568]

Executive Order 13289–Establishing the Global War on Terrorism Medals

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the
laws of the United States of America, including my authority as Commander in
Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal. There is hereby
established the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal with suitable appurtenances.
Except as limited in section 3 of this order, and under uniform regulations
to be prescribed by the Secretaries of the military departments and approved
by the Secretary of Defense, or under regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary
of Homeland Security with respect to the Coast Guard when it is not operating
as a service in the Navy, the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal shall
be awarded to members of the Armed Forces of the United States who serve or
have served in military expeditions to combat terrorism, as defined by such
regulations, on or after September 11, 2001, and before a terminal date to be
prescribed by the Secretary of Defense.

(Presidential Sig.)B


Pre 9/11, the Taliban were officially invited to Houston, stayed in a five-star
hotel and were chauffeured in corporate minibuses. The Taliban representatives
“were amazed” by the luxurious homes of Texan oil barons, and invited
to dinner at the palatial home of Martin Miller, a vice-president of Unocal.

America gives aid to the Taliban, praising its draconic anti-drug laws. This
is, until the Taliban refuse to build an oil pipeline that best serves the needs
of America.

Unocal exec John Maresca
to the House
: “… we have made it clear that construction of our proposed
pipeline cannot begin until a recognized government is in place that has the
confidence of governments, lenders and our company.”

(2,792 WTC Workers, 3400 Afghani civilians and one regime change later)

“Peace will be achieved by helping Afghanistan develop its own stable government.
Peace will be achieved by helping Afghanistan train and develop its own national
army. And peace will be achieved through an education system for boys and girls
that works.”

BBC: “Afghanistan
hopes to strike a deal later this month to build a $2bn pipeline through the
country to take gas from energy-rich Turkmenistan to Pakistan and India.
Afghan interim ruler Hamid Karzai is to hold talks with his Pakistani and Turkmenistan
counterparts later this month on Afghanistan’s biggest foreign investment project,
said Mohammad Alim Razim, minister for Mines and Industries told Reuters […]
Mr Razim said US energy company Unocal was the “lead company” among
those that would build the pipeline, which would bring 30bn cubic meters of
Turkmen gas to market annually.”

The news is silent as to how quality of life for the average Afghani has improved.
But we know it’ll work in Iraq this time. We only have the interests of the
Iraqi public in mind.

American Propaganda Leaflet: “Do not destroy oil wells.”

The Washington Times: Halliburton awarded contract for proposed ‘rehabilitation’ of Iraqi oil resources. Former Halliburton CEO Dick Cheney unavailable for comment.