i can has police robot?


also i forgot my lunch at home

OTTAWA, Nov. 13 (Reuters) – Police are investigating a suspicious package found outside the Bank of Canada headquarters in Ottawa on Thursday, bank spokesman Jeremy Harrison said.

Harrison said the central bank had been notified by police of the package, left outside the bank’s center building, which houses the office of Governor Mark Carney. Staff in the immediate area have been evacuated, he said.

“We are awaiting further information from the relevant authorities, and will provide updates to you as we receive them,” Harrison said.

The bank announced plans on Wednesday to inject an additional C$8 billion ($6.5 billion) into the Canadian financial system to unlock credit flows, on top of the roughly C$20 billion it has already pledged.

Other important buildings nearby include the Supreme Court of Canada and the Parliament Buildings.

Update: Now with ROBOTS!

I hold these truths to be self-evident

A secret, filter-free:

Not only do I still find it unbelievable that Barack Obama won — and I mean literally unbelievable; as in it feels exactly like when I realize that I’m dreaming because something impossible has happened — but I actually start to tear up if I think about it too much.

The civil rights movement is extraordinarily inspirational to me (more than any other single event/person/process/etc), and seeing a black president just 40 years after Martin Luther King was murdered fills me with an emotion so unexpected and intense that I don’t have a name for it.

To be clear, this isn’t about politics. I’m not interested in what happens to taxes or guns or gas prices in the US. What moves me is to see a black American carry himself to the office of president through the power of oration, motivating a culture that has never trusted the establishment to participate in it instead of combating it.

I’m Canadian, but my grandfather was a black man born in Philly, and his family name — the same name I was born with — is the name of the white family from Virginia that owned his (and my) ancestors, not that many generations ago. Seeing things come full circle from slavery is a deeply personal and powerful experience.

We’re certainly not in Dr. King’s world yet, where a man is judged by the content of their character rather than the colour of their skin; but we are one step closer to the brotherhood he dreamed of, and that moves me very nearly to tears every time I think about it.

I almost didn’t include any family history in this, because I feel like people will write me off as soon as they read it. It makes it easy to treat me as someone who’s just happy one of his own is on top (even though I’m not black), rather than a spectator who is ‘legitimately’ amazed by what a group of people have managed to accomplish in such a short amount of time.


Can I feel the days getting shorter? Is this just psychosomatism, or is it something closer to the soil? There is winter in my bones, and autumn on my skin.

I had dinner with one of my sisters, and this is likely contributing to how I’m feeling. Family always fucks me up this way. I don’t know how to be comfortable with where I come from.

It troubles me that I do my best work when I’m troubled. I spent all day designing for restraint (always restraint), and I created and deleted more in one day than I’ve done in the last year. I need to channel this, while it lasts.

There is something more here, and I need to find and follow it.

If you’re running in a fog too thick to see, you might as well close your eyes.

a good close for a long day

Reading a fantastic thread on SomethingAwful by a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman, where he is helpfully sharing great ways to close a sale:

Here is a dangerous close that should only be used as a last resort if the wife wants it and the husband does not.

Do you love your wife Suzy?
Of course I do.

Tell her you love her, tell Suzy right now.
I love you.

Now do you remember the day you proposed to her? Do you remember Suzy?

Let’s reenact it. (I make the guy get down on one knee right in front of her as if he is going to propose. If he won’t I get down on one knee)

Suppose when you looked up at your girl friend and asked Would you Marry me? What if she looked down at you and smiled and said “I will marry you! But only if you buy me two Kirby Vacuum Cleaners? Would you have still married her? You would have wouldn’t your? Inevitably most guys end up saying yes.

Well you love her just as much today as the day you proposed to her right?

Well the good news is today she only wants one Kirby and it’s $200 off!

So this is kind of like the A-bomb of closes. It can really really make someone mad if you do it wrong.

One time the husband said no and the wife got so mad at him that she took out her credit card, threw it at me and told me to use that. She told her husband she was going to buy it with her own @#$@# money then.

Twiin, Tea, and Me.

Upcoming Jairus Events:

Tuesday Oct 28th: Playing live in Cyanotic for Industrial Strength Halloween. Lots of new angry industrial to play. It sounds great.

Friday Oct 31st: DJing for the ReVamp Halloween night at Dekuf. Digging through old spooky goth records. Will be fun.

Friday Dec 20th: DJing with Leslie at Denise’s Steel Ball! This is actually a really big deal for me. When I was young and sneaking into clubs, the two pillars of the scene were Industrial Strength and the Steel Ball. It’s very humbling to be here, over ten years later, participating in them both with the two women that made the Ottawa industrial/fetish scene the institution it was in the 90s.

Will be going to into the studio in Toronto next week to record for the new Cyanotic album. I’ve got this horrible feeling of anxiety and dread in my stomach and heart, and I don’t know why it’s there, or what I need to do to get rid of it. I’m hoping this will help.

on the road to delphi

I can feel autumn wrapping around the city like a blanket, whispering about the winter to come.

I’m hoping to use this time now to get things done before the snow settles on the city. I know that once winter is here, I’m going to have a much harder time with everything, and I’m trying to turn that awareness into motivation: Finish building restraint. Finish producing Mike’s album. Gut and rebuild my bedroom. Get the Ad·ver·sary remix boxset done. Make more personal space.

I used to have limitless drive for these things, but I can’t sustain it anymore. I don’t think it’s age that’s weighing me down (although in frankness, I am terrified of turning 30 next spring), nevertheless it feels like something has crawled into my skin and hidden that energy from me.

Or, more likely, something about the way that I’m thinking and the things that I’m doing is feeding back.

By speaking this aloud I may very well be invoking it (or so Thelema would caution me), but I’m privately and extraordinarily concerned about attendance to next Tuesday’s show. The last month has been the quietest month at Zaphods that I can recall (on par with the doomed Mono No Aware show years ago), and if what is traditionally the biggest night of the year ends up being a dead show, not only will it be financially crippling but also a tremendous kick in the balls.

Next year would be the 15th annual Industrial Strength Halloween (would’ve been this year if Eugene hadn’t preempted last year’s party), and the idea was to go balls-to-the-wall all out for it, but if Tuesday has a weak showing then we may have to reexamine our expectations.

…with that said, if next Tuesday doesn’t have the attendance we’re looking for, it’s not the end of the world. We have a ton of new promo material on the way, we (finally) have management that supports us and has a free hand to help, we’re trying to rent a bus to ferry people to industrial night from Kanata after the NIN show in three weeks, and there’s more in the pipe. So even if, hypothetically, everyone who had ever been out on a Tuesday vanished tomorrow, we’re not dead in the water or anything along those lines

But it would be really fucking disappointing.

Maybe I need a pilgrimage.


Trapped behind the gate at Frankfurt airport. Flight is late, screaming children are everywhere. We were told to arrive three hours early, security took away my iced tea and there is literally nothing to drink here (and no way to get anything to drink), and I’ve forgotten all three of my books in my checked luggage.

This is going to be a terrible flight.

Only an hour left until we board!

…and then only eleven more hours until we land!

…and then five more hours in a car to get home!

If maschinenfest weren’t so awesome I would be pretty pissed off.

My new favourite translated review

From the Belarusian site Machinist, and translated by the helpful robots at Google:

Jairus Khan about ten years led an active life in the Canadian di-dzheyskuyu/promouterskuyu underground techno-industrial stage, but three years ago, decided to form their own musical project AD VER SARY. The most meticulous and informed of you probably have heard his remixes of the tracks on the CONVERTER and ISZOLOSCOPE.

In May 2008, a musician in the court ruled his public debut album “Bone Music”, which contains a powerful, energetic and melodic cocktail of power rhythmic noise, Industrial, an organic landscape ambience, idm-electronics and tribalnyh ancient rhythms. As you can see, nameshano lot, but the result sounds very harmonious and fresh. What’s immediately striking when listening to the album is a very good balance between the rigid, harsh, aggressive and beautiful, including imagination, causing emotion sounds.

Many of AD VER SARY based on attacking rhythms perfectly adapted to the club environment and able to strike and disperse the noise-industrial human biomass on tancpole to very high speeds and orgazmicheskih sensations. For example, a turbojet accelerators can choose to drive such downhole, technique execution and not deprived of intelligent charm of tracks like “Ancients”, “Bone Music” or “Number Nine”.

It is a pleasure to listen to music groups and dance outside the site. Because it such a multi-layered, deep and diverse. Moderate eksperimentalizm it is also not alien. Rapid and robust, well unwind devastating tribalno techno-industrial songs, alternate militants on the album with a calm, measured and atmospheric rooms, which tend to be powerful, painted mrachnovatye mysterious tone of the industrial trip-Hopu ( “Friends Of Father”), gratsioznym Forms of hard-techno ( “Just [Spooks]”) or pleasure to shake tribalnyh rhythmic waves of steel dark ambient ( “International Dark Skies”). The album also includes remixes good ANTIGEN SHIFT, TONIKOM and SYNAPSCAPE, as well as a remix AD VER SARY on track URUSAI.

Finally, add that you can download a free peer-album, including the complete design, the official site AD VER SARY on the Internet. And, believe me, it is worth it! Album: “Bone Music” really good and I suspect must come to taste fans of groups such as THIS MORN’OMINA, EXOCET, REMAIN SILENT and ISZOLOSCOPE. [8 points]

hello there ladies and gentlemen

Connexion Bizarre has published a new Ad·ver·sary interview that I did for Wounds of the Earth. It’s a lot more disarmed and personal than other interviews I’ve done, because I didn’t really expect it to see any kind of traffic at all (which is why I never posted it here). Let’s see how many angry messages I get about how I’m destroying music:

What is the motivation behind the choice to give your music away for free?

There are a lot of reasons behind it – I want people who download music to get a high-quality version instead of some ‘FWYH’ release full of errors, I think if more people hear the album more people will support it by buying it or spinning it, I download a lot of music myself and I’d have to be a pretty big jerk to tell others not to download mine – but the only reason that matters is that I think music should be free. I don’t agree at all with this artist-centric view of intellectual property; I think the idea that you’re not allowed to listen to something or read something unless you get permission first is completely absurd.

Education for Leisure, by Carol Ann Duffy

Today I am going to kill something. Anything.
I have had enough of being ignored and today
I am going to play God. It is an ordinary day,
a sort of grey with boredom stirring in the streets.

I squash a fly against the window with my thumb.
We did that at school. Shakespeare. It was in
another language and now the fly is in another language.
I breathe out talent on the glass to write my name.

I am a genius. I could be anything at all, with half
the chance. But today I am going to change the world.
Something’s world. The cat avoids me. The cat
knows I am a genius, and has hidden itself.

I pour the goldfish down the bog. I pull the chain.
I see that it is good. The budgie is panicking.
Once a fortnight, I walk the two miles into town
for signing on. They don’t appreciate my autograph.

There is nothing left to kill. I dial the radio
and tell the man he’s talking to a superstar.
He cuts me off. I get our bread-knife and go out.
The pavements glitter suddenly. I touch your arm.

semantic spaces

I sometimes think that I need to find a new place, somewhere I can weep and scream and fuck and bleed.

Not a real place, but a place like this — close enough to ‘real life’ to mean something, and distant enough from it to still allow for some level of honesty.

Because I don’t do those things here, anymore, and it’s starting to feel as though I never did.