Jairus the Red.restraint.org is a loose collection of writing, links, ravings, photos, news, fiction, and bad poetry by Jairus Khan. The site has been at restraint.org for very nearly fifteen years, and was around on various other hosts for three or four years before that.

Landed in Toronto last summer, where I have moved with two formerly-feral cats in search of Adventure. Cats love Adventure.

I spend a lot of time working with underground artists and independent musicians, DJing, promoting concerts/festivals, and generally trying to make the world a better place for people who love music. I also tour regularly and release CC-licensed albums for my industrial-slash-experimental-electronic project Ad·ver·sary which sounds something like robots fucking to My Bloody Valentine. I supplement my music income (roughly enough to buy a pocketful of buttons a month) by helping people share information and communicate online.

I also bake very tasty cookies.

It should go without saying that nothing on this site represents the views or opinions of anyone but me, but I’m saying it anyway.

This site has been around a Very Long Time, so there’s not always a lot of coherence to the content. Entries have been processed through various CMSs and blogging tools, entire sections have been scrapped, corrupted or lost, and there’s all kinds of legacy code in entries that might make them look funny depending on what you are or are not using to view them.

With that said, I’m slowly cleaning up a lot of the cruft. Watch this space.

Seriously. It says something else when you’re not looking.